University of Phoenix Acceptance Rate: What Else to Know?

University Of Phoenix Acceptance Rate, Recommendations And Ways For Being Accepted

There are so many universities in the USA, which attract the attention of potential students. Thanks to this review from professional essay writer, you will understand everything about the University of Phoenix and its accepting rate. 

Few Words About the University of Phoenix

We have a deal with the private educational establishment, which can accept 6 thousand undergraduate and 7 thousand graduate and professional students. As for the nationalities of the students, you can find people from 81 countries at this university. It means that this educational establishment is really valuable among researches from all over the world.

Plenty of different courses and programs are offered to the students. A great number of fields can be researched at the University of Phoenix. It can be:

  • Health Protection;
  • Law;
  • Management;
  • Business;
  • Interdisciplinary Studies;
  • Security;
  • Marketing. 

The University of Phoenix acceptance rate is 86%. Let’s look at the example of the situation which took place in 2018. All the students with an average high school GPA of 3.81 were admitted. Also, they were admitted with the 27 on the ACT or SAT. 

Requirements for Admission

As for the admission requirements, there are some which should be taken into account. Of course, you will deal with many pieces that concern the college application. But still, there are some things which you have to focus on. 

The first one is the GPA requirements. The second one is the ACT and SAT requirements. In other words, you have to be provided with testing requirements. The third one is the requirements of an application. 

Reading till the end of the article, you will know what to do to make a strong application, and what to have to be admitted. 

The University of Phoenix acceptance rate is the first thing you have to pay attention to. The number which concerns this rate shows the competitiveness of the educational establishment and the importance and seriousness of its requirements.  

GPA Requirements

Lots of educational institutions specify the minimum requirements of GPA. Sometimes this is the bare minimum which is just for applying. Having minimum points, you just have a chance not to be rejected immediately. 

The requirements which play a role and are important, provide a real chance to be admitted to the University of Phoenix. 

Almost all educational establishments don’t hide this information, and the GPA requirements of this university aren’t in secret. 2.73 is the average GPA which is expected in the potential students. 

ACT and SAT Requirements

Standardized testing and requirements can be different at each university. In most cases, institutions require the ACT or SAT. Sometimes the students are asked to pass SAT subject tests. 

There is information about the policy on ACT/SAT requirements which are expected by the University of Phoenix. Potential students have to have at least 600 scores of SAT. By the way, the subject tests are optional there. 


Both tests have a section for writing an essay. As for the University of Phoenix acceptance rate, there is no information about the stance on the writing part of the test. But still, it is considered to be optional while admitting. 

In other words, if you are interested in being accepted by the University of Phoenix, you needn’t worry about the writing part. But the other university can require this from you. 

Requirements for the Subject Test

Educational institutions have different points about the subject test requirements. As for the selective establishment, they pretend to require them. As a rule, most schools don’t require this test as an optional one. 

As for the university which we review, it can be said that it doesn’t require the passing of the subject test.

Some recommendations for students

  1. Application for spring and autumn sessions are available every year.
  2. Making an online application, the person has to attach the supporting documents.
  3. Everybody, who applies for UG courses, is advised to complete the application by the 1st of December.
  4. Students will need to submit the application fee after completing the registration. 
  5. Students will select the course and program in which he/she is interested in, after applying. 


We hope you understand the University of Phoenix acceptance rate, so let’s speak about the deadlines. The potential students are offered different courses and programs. If people want to be accepted, they need to send the application before the deadline. The university will not consider the applications which were sent after the deadlines. 

What about International Students?

If you are a student from the other country, who has completed secondary education, you are welcomed to this university. By the way, you need to grade the point average, meet acceptance deadlines, and get the financial support verified. 

There is no difference in the admission process for Americans and applicants from other countries. 

Process of Applying

So if you are ready to apply, there is a list of requirements that must be followed. 

Being on the official website of the university, you will see The Official Application website Portal.

We mentioned above the application fee which has to be paid. The amount of the fee is USD 150.

So there are the following requirements:

  • A proper application which is completed online
  • Personal essay (volume is 250 words)
  • Transcripts from the other educational institution where you studied
  • A letter of references by your teacher or scientific supervisor
  • Report with SAT/ACT scores
  • Financial documents
  • Documents from the bank which support your ability to pay for studying.

Scores of English Proficiency

People, who plan to be accepted from the other countries, have to pass the IELTS or TOEFL to demonstrate their English skills. So if you admire being accepted, your minimum TOEFL score for all programs must be 213. As for IELTS, its minimum score is 6.5. If you are interested in any kind of program and pass TOEIC for it, your score has to be at least 750. 

What about Visa for Guests?

Applicants, who come to the USA from the other countries, know about the university of Phoenix acceptance rate and want to accept, have to submit the following papers before being applied. 

So you need to have a Visa, valid passport, I-94, and original I-20. Also, you need to have the document which proofs you have Health Insurance. At the same time, you need to provide the phone number and the address where you live in States. 

Before a visa will be issued, foreigners also need to have evidence that proves that you have enough money on your bank account. Be sure that you have enough sums for all expenses which may occur during the one calendar year. After submitting the SEVIS fee and receiving I-20, the applicant can go to the nearest American embassy for an interview. 

Transfer Admissions

The potential students, who are looking for the admission through the transfer, have to know about the criteria details concerning the application. 

So the form of the application is on the website. If you want to be admitted through the transfer, the minimum grade must be C. On this step he/she will be asked to provide the original transcripts with ACT/SAT scores. 

Graduate Programs at the University of Phoenix

As we mentioned above, there are many different programs which can be interesting for world researches. You are offered to get a degree in Engineering, Nursing, Sciences and Arts, Applied Social Sciences, Management, and so on. 

As you remember, the average GPA score is 2.73. But there is a difference in some points of the acceptance. 

Let’s look at two examples of university demands. The first applicant wants to be accepted on the Business Administration, and the second one wants to get into Criminal Justice. The first one needs to provide transcripts, to complete the resume, to write an essay, and to have work experience in this field. 

The second applicant also needs to be ready with the transcript. But he/she shouldn’t complete the resume. He/she does not need to write an essay. Work experience in the chosen field is also unnecessary. But as for the application fee, it is the same for both. 

As for Conclusion

All the applicants, who are accepted, know about it by e-mail or usual post. Also, the official website of the educational establishment provides you with the official postal address and phone numbers. If you have some trouble with the e-mail or have questions for the consultant, you may use this contact information. 

The main part of the courses is offered in the online mode. It is recommended to the applicants to send their applications 3 months before the date when the course will start. Usually, the normal and successful process of sending, processing, and accepting the applications takes from 4 to 5 weeks. 

One more bonus from the University of Phoenix is opportunities for summer employment. It is provided for the full-time undergraduate students by the members of the University housing. Students can work as customer service assistants, assistants in the administrative sphere, and other professions which are classified as on-campus ones.