Grand Canyon University Acceptance Rate: How to Enter?

Grand Canyon University Acceptance Rate & Annual Statistics

Do you think to get to Grand Canyon University? This educational establishment takes fourth place between the institutions with the lowest rate of acceptance. It means that the Grand Canyon University acceptance rate can change from year to year.  

Statistics show that in the previous year, 32 thousand applicants were applied, and more than 23 thousand of them were accepted. In other words, having a strong application, proper scores, and meeting deadlines, you have all chances to get in. 

Few Words About GCU

This educational institution was established in 1949 by the Arizona Southern Baptists. It is considered to be the major private liberal arts institution. It has a 100-acre urban campus; the university operates 5 satellite locations. Also, it is proud of the well-developed online education division. Across eight academic colleges, more than 15 thousand students enroll. Moreover, there are more than 68 thousand students who study online.

There are four pillars on the base of which the university was established:

  • Extracurricular Excellence
  • Christian Camaraderie
  • Academic Advancement
  • Wellness & Well-Being.

Because of the long-distance commitment to excellence, the Grand Canyon University took second place among the small companies in the USA. The award was given by Forbes magazine.

Also, the service named the GCU the tenth among the Top 20 Online Christian Universities. University has one more reason to be proud. It is included in the list of the Top 30 most popular online colleges. 

What GPA Scores Are Needed to Be Submitted?

As you may understand, the Grand Canyon University acceptance rate is low, but the scores are required as usual. As a rule, the applicants can apply their candidatures when their GPA score is 3.15. Depending on the situation, sometimes, the GCU requires the scores and sometimes doesn’t. But you have to be aware that there are schools which increase the range of GPA for prestige. 

The users from the Net, who studied at the Grand Canyon University, write when in the years of their applying process, the GPA score was 3.31. So our tip is not to ignore the information about the average GPA and try to achieve the maximum result which you can. 

The Acceptance Rate of Grand Canyon University

In 2019 the Grand Canyon University acceptance rate was 43.2. But this number always changes from year to year. Let’s look attentively.

In 2016 57% of the applicants were accepted to the university. In 2017 67% of the applicants got ‘Accepted’ in the letters from the university. In 2018 only 43.2% were accepted as the students. 

The practice shows that the process of getting gin is becoming more and more complicated. The situation is changing. It means that by the time you apply the Grand Canyon University can become even more competitive than it is now. 

The number of accepting rate doesn’t demonstrate your readiness for getting in. For example, you have high scores for some schools, but most of the applicants want to be accepted by the Grand Canyon University. The number of applicants increases, and the competitiveness is strong enough. In this case, you can be either accepted or not. It depends on the scores of the other applicants. So we recommend not focusing on the minimum results and bare scores. Do as much as you can, write a quality essay, present yourself to the tutors, and provides yourself with chances to get in. 

Documents: Does the Grand Canyon University Require Them?

It doesn’t matter whether you pass the ACT or SAT. Both tests are submitted by Grand Canyon University, and both scores are valuable. 

So, if your goal is to get in the GCU, you have to be ready with the following steps:

  • GPA – we have mentioned the minimum score of GPA above, but don’t forget to do your best and to achieve more than bare estimation.
  • Transcripts. These documents are required at the Grand Canyon University, of course, in the case when they are official ones. Teachers from the postsecondary institutions where you got the education can write them.
  • SAT – only official standardized test scores are required. You can pass the test, and the result will be directed to the manager of the university.
  • Letters of recommendations – it is optional, but we recommend having this document as well as other ones. It can be written by a tutor from your school. If you work in the field of your studying, you can ask your employee to write this kind of letter. We have mentioned that this is optional, but you must have it when your scores are not as high as they are expected.
  • Essay. It is like the CV, which you should tell about yourself. Don’t share some details from your private life. Mention only those pieces of information, which concern your education and professional life. 
  • Interview. If there are some questions to you, or your scores are not so proper, you may be asked to the interview with someone from the university. 

All these steps can help to get a place in the admired university. It seems to be the official tips that coordinate your actions while applying. But in the next part of the article, we will give you more recommendations for being accepted. 

What else to do?

As you see, the Grand Canyon University acceptance rate is always changing, so you never know whether there is a place for you or not. But we want you to pay attention to some tips which can help you to get in.

According to the first tip, you have to join the interested club. It means that if the university values the drama, you need to become a member of such a club. 

The second recommendation is to become a volunteer. The university is situated in Phoenix, and there are lots of ways to be involved in public organizations. It is believed that Grand Canyon University likes to apply people who are not just clever and educated. They want to apply who respects the local community members. You ask the leader to write a letter of recommendation for you and be sure that this document will play a role in the acceptance process.

And the last tip is to spend time usefully. It means that you can spend the summer before applying the documents with use. For example, you can pay attention to personal growth, values, or leadership characteristics. There is an opinion that not only scores are taken into account while making a decision. People who decide whether the applicant will be accepted or not also look at the features of the character. They want to cooperate with leaders, but not with weak personalities. 

Ways of Writing an Essay

It doesn’t matter whether you use our unformal tips or not, and you have to write an essay. Don’t confuse that the application and the essay are two different documents. So in the essay, you have to mention everything that isn’t mentioned in the application. 

After writing, ask someone to proofread the text. Be sure that you didn’t any mistakes and all the facts are real ones. 

One more important tip is to apply the essay before the deadline. Don’t wait for the last minute to send your application, as well as your essay. There were cases when the online system crashed, and the applicants couldn’t send their documents. Don’t risk your future, and send everything you need before the deadline. 

Residence Facilities

If you are American and don’t want to study online, you have a right to live in the hall of residence. They are available for the students. The campuses with the halls of residence are situated in Chaparral, Acacia, Prescott, Sedona, Ironwood, Juniper, and so on. The average cost of living varies from $1,925 to $2,600.

Lining in a hall of residence, students need to determine the meal plan. Some options are available. Sometimes students need a place to live in summer. We can say that summer housing is also provided. The cost of the rent is low and moderate, and the apartments include everything for comfortable living. 

Offered Programs

More than 200 programs are offered by Grand Canyon University. This number includes the bachelor degree course, online courses, dual degree as well as Master’s degree. If you are interested in the bachelor’s degree, you can choose between criminal justice, communication, and language, business management, technology and engineering, health care and nursing, public administration, and so on.

You can also get a master’s in psychology, a gold management degree, and a BS in behavioral sciences. Different courses which promote sport are also available for the applicants.


In conclusion, we want to say that Grand Canyon University is one of the most popular institutions in America. People from different countries come to study there. It makes the university competitive, and more and more applications are sent to the educational establishment from year to year. 

Follow Mcessay recommendations, make a strong application, have high scores of the tests, and be among the people who get the word ‘Accepted’ in the letters from university.