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It is common practice that a student can succeed in math but be the worst one when it comes to writing. The lack of particular knowledge is okay, however, when good marks are at stake, you have to turn to our professional writing service. We will provide you with a skilled expert’s help in any subject needed.

The Range of Topics We Deal with

The scope of disciplines available now varies tremendously. In each field of study there is an abundance of topics to cover, and each day thousands of students face this challenge without an appropriate image of how it should look like. Our service positions itself as an extensive and reliable English homework helper, so the subject areas our professional writers deal with is huge.

Analysis of the Book Review

This is a writing task that occurs in every study field, as it is aimed at discussion of main concepts of any kind of book. This is not about describing the main points or events touched upon in a copy. The reason for it is not to retell but asses the content read.

Annotated Bibliography

There are two ways you can get the assignment. Your professor can give you a list created by him, or give you a chance to compose your own. The copy shouldn’t be a complex summary of a work read, but a brief still capacious explanation to convince the reader in its relevance.


This is a creative task for students to enhance their knowledge concerning a particular topic. These are the main terms used in a copy that you have to cover. By covering we mean highlighting crucial points for the understanding of the text.

Book Report

There is nothing difficult when a book report is required. To manage the task a student needs to be aware of the overall story presented by the author. A report is nothing more than a brief and concise retelling of the events.

Book/Article Review

This assignment requires profound skills in writing as you need not only write but summarize the material on your own. The better the composition of a text is, the higher the grades. The instructions on what questions to focus on can be enclosed to the copy. It is done to enable a student to perform better with the task.

Case Study

The task to manage with the case study seems somewhat quaint to students as they have to prove that the knowledge they possess is credible. This assignment is thought to check if you got a clue of what your discipline is about. For starters, you are to apply various methods to the study and check their pros and cons.

Comparison Paper

The task can be performed both briefly or by providing extensive lines on a topic. It depends on the discipline, on the particular assignment given by a professor or on a student’s personal preference. The major task is to compare similar pieces of texts, abstracts or any other kind of writing, and find the possible differences as well.

Contextual Analysis/Solution

This task can be an illustrative example for you to figure out to what extent the skills obtained are applicable to real life. You need to apply the methods and skills used in the process of study to the actual realia.

For example, if your major is architecture you can come up with the task to perform contextual analysis using the surrounding building area as a real sample.

Critical Persona Paper

Homework in English can be challenging sometimes, and this is the case. This task requires you to give your own understanding of the personae of a scientist or an investigator. Creativity is a must, as a student could be asked to perform an image of an outstanding figure.

Definition Paper

This is a beneficial assignment that can illustrate the actual progress a student has performed during classes. At the beginning of a semester, a professor can ask you to define the subject you deal with and specify the main concepts of the course. It will be your own understanding of a discipline.

Double-Entry Journal

That’s a great way to make your brain work. The task lies in dividing the page in at last two parts. In the first section, there should be a brief summary of what you read in a book. The following columns are aimed at your own observations. That’s the way you develop your analytical skills and learn to distinguish the core information among the whole text.

Essay Exam

Another assignment requiring creativity. The « yes » and « no » answers will look poor if used in this task. The professor wants to figure out to what extent you fathomed the material, so he will not be satisfied with a brief copy.

Field report

If you have ever wanted to become a journalist, it is high time for you to prove yourself and learn more about asking questions and taking notes. The task wants you to synthesize the material and show the findings figured out in the process of study. Our expert writers can provide you with English hw help by doing this field report for you.


This task is less demanding in terms of writing as it means simply gathering the words and phrases learned throughout the semester into a list and stick to it.

Group Project Report

Such fruitful activity is beneficial. First and foremost, it is all about teamwork and networking skills that are used in each area of study. Second, the writing process can show both the ability to compromise and each student’s own insight into the topic.


This is the time for you to monitor the classroom activity and put down some comments about the given lectures and the material learned.

Lab report

Another writing activity that helps students to understand the overall picture of a subject and it’s methodology. It used mostly in Physical Sciences.

Letter to the Editor

You can be given a task to read and then comment on the article of a particular topic or present your own ideas to the editor. For example, convincing the editor of the efficacy of new teaching methods to be applied in schools will be a good idea.

“Missing” Chapter or Paragraph Paper

The task tends to give a student some space for creativity by enhancing a given text with extra paragraphs. The student needs to piece out the passages that are thought to be ignored or missing. If it seems extremely demanding English homework helper is ready to do it for you.

Newspaper Commentary Paper

As a student, you are supposed to find a piece of information in the media and correlate it with the course material. Again, an English homework solver can be a perfect option for you if the assignment seems quite vague for you.


This activity implies different organizational techniques to structure the material so that it is stored properly. The most appropriate time for it is the very start of the semester.

Performance/Exhibit Review

After attending social events you can be asked to share your experience with your classmates. Be ready to take notes during it so that homework in English that our service provides will be substantial.

Position Paper

It is time to prove yourself and stand your ground but remembers about relevant and up-to-date arguments.

Process Paper

That’s a great way of including writing into different disciplines. By means of the words, you should describe the steps that led you to the results you have now.

Professional Article

This is how students can come up with the continuing discourse within the discipline.

Reflective Paper

The task is used to monitor students’ performance. The experience obtained must be analyzed and performed to the professor.

Research Paper

This is what frightens students the most, as the research needs to be well prepared and structured. Not to fail with it help with English homework of this kind is needed.

Response/Reaction Paper

You may be asked to share your opinion on a topic that affected you while reading. Going into detail is not necessary, as this task doesn’t require profound argumentation.

Review of the Literature

This way students need to learn about the topic and the relevant works presented before. Thus, a better sense of the subject is promised.


Thanks to the task of summarizing a material given in the class a student will be more confident during the discussion and argumentative part.

Timed Short Paper

To sum up the overall lecture at the end of the class can be very beneficial, as it will show blind spots that need improving.

“Translation” Paper

This task helps students to develop their analytical skills by performing a text from one study area into another by means of different words or even languages. That’s the case where English expert is essential.

Web Chat

This is a simple chat room where students are communicating for a particular purpose. This is a useful platform where everyone can provide clarification for random issues.

Website Review

When you use the Internet, you don’t pay much attention to the credibility of the site or the relevant content for a target audience. However, this task is all about exploring the site and looking critically at its technical features.

“What are the Issues?” Paper

The main task for a student lies in defining basic aspects of the discussion and giving his/her own assessment of the debate.

Difficulties with the Homework Process

If you are familiar with ´who can do my English homework’ question, we can easily help you, but if you don’t turn to us, these are the probable challenges you can face:

  • Incompetence in the subject.

    The broader the discipline, the harder it is for students to identify the primary information and compile it in a text.

  • Lack of time.

    Students are bombarded with tasks every day, so for each assignment, there is not so much time.

  • Reluctance.

    That’s obvious, as you cannot be evenly interested in all disciplines

  • Tiredness.

    Sometimes a student can feel some weakness, so help with English homework is probably a good thing.

Hints and Tips to Cope with Home Task

  • Calm atmosphere.

    Students are overloaded with stress, so being able to relax when doing homework will provide you with greater results.

  • Preparedness.

    Having all your books and papers close to you will make you more organized.

  • Relevant sources of information.

    Make sure you know what you write about. Search for the info to have at least the basic knowledge.

  • Conciseness.

    Don’t make your sentences too long. It is always better to present your thoughts in short stretches.

  • Ask for help.

    When you failed to compose a piece of art even with the help of the Internet, be sure to turn to our English homework helper.

To Sum up

The world is dramatically changing, and the information flow seems to be endless. Students are obliged to follow the changes and respond to them. It can be exhausting sometimes, so the help with English homework feels like a breath of fresh air. Our notable writing service is your chance to raise educational achievement and save time.

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