Great Thesis Statement Examples For Research Papers

thesis statement examples for research papers

A thesis statement is an essential part of various pieces – from research papers to speeches and even commercials. But it is the most commonly used in academic writing pieces like essays and research papers. When it comes to writing these assignments, the thesis is probably the most significant thing you need. Without a strong thesis, your arguments will seem unreliable, and the piece will look unclear for readers. As a thesis is so crucial, you may need some advice on creating a great one.

Thesis Statement Definition

In a nutshell, a thesis statement is one or several sentences that represent the key idea of the entire academic paper. After reading it, the audience has a clear idea about the further content and decides whether to continue reading or not.

What Is the Aim of a Research Paper Thesis?

A thesis statement engages the audience and prepares them for reading the whole piece. A readers’ choice to keep up or not keep up reading hinges on quality. You should put it at the very end of your opening section. It should be a hook that catches the audience’s attention and engages them to keep up reading all the pieces. Professors also take into this part of your research while evaluating it. It should become the central argument that describes the essence and necessity of your study.

Two Thesis Types to Choose From

As a rule, there are two types: informational and persuasive. Ensure the thesis type corresponds to the aim and type of your paper.

For instance, you are going to write an informational essay. Therefore, a thesis informs the audience concerning the content of the piece and guides them to the outcomes you reached during your research.

Sample: to cook an omelet, you should take eggs, whisk them, and then fry them on a pan.

This way, the audience is acquainted with the topic and the direction your paper will take. For most assignment types, a thesis defines the author’s viewpoint and clarifies it.

On the other hand, a persuasive one presents an idea and argues why it is true.


Cheese soup is the best kind of soup as it is simple and fast to cook, delicious and children like it.

Here you see that I presented an argument and gave evidence of why it is true. I listed a few main reasons to back up my viewpoint. This statement type is ideal for any essay type as it embraces many important elements such as the author’s viewpoint and predicts the content of the whole piece.

Thesis Statement Styles

Apart from the types, the author should also take the style into account.

The first style utilizes several points. It is an ideal option for simple assignments like essays.

Example: Avocado is so popular as it is yummy, contains unsaturated fats, and can be used in different dishes.

For more complex research, students need to pick the second type. It delivers only one idea and presents the future discussion in the main body.

Example: Avocado, rice, and egg bowl is an excellent lunch for anyone, and it becomes clear when you ask people for their thoughts.

Pieces of Advice on Writing an Outstanding Thesis Statement

Creating a thesis has the same significance as conducting the whole research. That is why this process requires much creativity and attention.

  • Specify the subject for research. It will engage the audience more than a broad common topic.
  • Mention the grounds the topic is essential and why it should be investigated in your study. Develop a sense of significance and hook them.

Remember that a thesis statement shouldn’t focus on only personal viewpoints or only on a factual basis. You need to mention a fact, give your point of its importance. It should be sound with brief and intriguing arguments. The grounds why you should read it should be innovative and engaging.

Here are our pieces of advice on creating a flawless thesis statement in a few simple steps.

  • Review all the information you have from academic sources.
  • Determine the facts and grounds that caused your subject.
  • Compose your thesis in various ways until you get the clearest and engaging one.
  • Focus on the results you received after performing the study.
  • Single out the reasons you can utilize as arguments to support your viewpoint.
  • Put a thesis statement in the opening.

Rewrite the statement numerous times. You can also ask somebody else’s view on it. Be original and think of interesting hooks. This way, you get the most excellent outcome.

The Formula of a Strong Thesis for a Research

Now, let’s pay attention to the main characteristics and present a universal formula for an outstanding thesis statement for a research paper.

Firstly, let’s get acquainted with the main characteristics.


A thesis statement can have various lengths, hinging on the length of the study and how many arguments it includes. Usually, it contains viewpoints and reasons. We don’t think that using a thesis that has more than 50 words is a good idea.


The arguments involved should not be plain and one-sided. They should be arguable.

A not-so-good thesis statement example: Cheese soup is easy to prepare because it is made of not so many ingredients.

An excellent thesis example: Cheese soup is easy to prepare because all you should do is chop and mix the components and boil them.

And we present the technique that is going to boost your thesis quality to a top level. Just follow the template below.

(Something) is true because (ground 1), (ground 2), and (ground 3).

(Something) is correct According to (ground 1), (ground 2), and (ground 3).

You can use different words instead of those in examples for more originality.

Where to Place a Thesis?

A thesis statement is placed at the opening of a paper. Your professors may ask you to put it in various places, but we suggest involving it in the intro. The thesis should close it.

Thesis Statement Samples for Research Papers

Here are more free samples of outstanding thesis statements for various disciplines.

Student Life

High school students need to study religion for greater awareness of cultural diversity and understanding the representatives of other cultures and nations.

An analysis reveals that students prefer online education because it is more engaging, comfortable, and the atmosphere at home reduces stress.

The most significant problem of students is finding a well-paid job to pay off their college education debt.


The problem of mental disorders among young women should be resolved right away as it results in health problems and personal life issues.

A legal smoking age should be increased as it has a substantial negative impact on the health condition of youth and may entail negative actions.

After graduating from university, many students decide to choose another field to build their career in.

Social Studies

The growing rate of unemployed people as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic caused negative social problems like the increased number of divorces.

The beauty standards presented by mass media and cause negative effects on teens and socializing issues.


We hope our comprehensive guide and examples gave you more insight into the challenging process of creating a thesis statement. If you need even more expert help, you can find it on our website.

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