Topic Ideas for an Excellent Cause and Effect Essay

Cause and effect essay topics ideas

A cause and effect essay appears to be the most straightforward essay type to deal with. If you take this task seriously, it is real to complete it within a few hours. This essay’s aim is relatively simple, as this piece has to show the causal relations between different events, objects, or phenomena.

A Closer Look at Cause and Effect Essay

A cause and effect essay aims to determine a cause and its consequences. The causes can be either favorable or unfavorable. Sometimes this assignment type is called a result essay. This essay type has certain peculiarities the students should take into account while creating it.

Firstly, you need to examine the circumstances thoroughly and establish a causal association. Remember that some causes affect many things. As a rule, there are two ways of arranging such a task: the sequential and reverse sequential order. It is not essential to start off with the reasons, and you are free, to begin with describing the outcomes and then move on to the key cause itself.

If there are several links, the process is trickier. The author should define clear interconnection between all.

The Must-Have Components

Have a look at the fundamental form of such an assignment. Consider these central elements.


This part influences readers and affects their decision whether to keep on reading or not.

  • A hook to attract the audience
  • Basic background info
  • A thesis statement

Body Section

You can divide this part into paragraphs. There can be from 3 to 5 sections hinging on the subject.


  • Indicating reasons and effects
  • Evidence or argument that supports the first sentence

Opposing Paragraph

  • An approach that contrasts the main idea


  • Restating the thesis statement
  • Summing up the key points
  • Concluding sentence

Getting Started With a Cause and Effect Essay

The writing process may seem quite simple, but it has numerous pitfalls for students, especially when there are many causes and effects. Check out the main writing stages an author should follow to create a high-quality paper.

Pick a Topic

The success of the whole paper depends on how seriously you take this step. A perfect way is when a professor already gives students a topic. When the topic is not presented, the writing process gets far more challenging. We recommend deciding on a topic as soon as possible, up to a few days after you receive an assignment. Hesitations only steal your valuable time. Pick the topic you are engaged in, and the creating process will be fun and faster.


The most effective brainstorming method is to note all the causes and effects on a separate list. This way, you receive a full and clear image of the whole situation. Pick the ones you are already acquainted with and follow this angle while conducting the further study.

Perform Exhaustive Source Investigation

A causal essay requires thorough scientific research. Ensure you pick information from reliable sources to back your positions and arguments. What is more, you will see which viewpoints of your case are the most widely discussed and trending. Ensure you have enough strong arguments to strengthen your thesis statement.

Write an Influential Thesis Statement

This is the backbone of the whole piece, so take this process seriously. Remember that it should be brief, engaging, and informative. It will also show the audience what the whole essay is going to tell about.

Make a Plan

Many students find this step unnecessary and time-consuming, but this will speed up the whole process because you understand a clear structure and key points of a final paper. Don’t forget to include smooth transitions between sections and connect different ideas.


After you completed the last version, put it aside for a few days and only then reread it. Giving your essay a fresh look will help find more inaccuracies and mistakes. You can check your essay by yourself or use special grammar and plagiarism checking tools. However, you need to be careful and don’t overdo editing. It is okay if you improve certain points, but don’t change the whole paper. Ensure everything is smooth and logical. You can ask somebody else to read your paper and ask about their opinion. This will help be more objective when it comes to overall paper quality.

Tips for Picking the Most Appropriate Topic

Selecting a topic is the most significant thing that defines the success of the entire piece. Picking the most suitable topic will be easier if you follow these pieces of advice.

  • Brainstorm to have original ideas from a common subject.
  • Specify the wide subject to a certain scenario or action.
  • Study the subject thoroughly and define what led to a particular event.
  • Follow a particular angle that engages you the most.
  • Think about causal relations in your own background.
  • Write a short and understandable title.

30+ Topic Ideas

If you can’t decide on a perfect topic for your causal piece right away, check out the list below. You can find helpful ideas for your future piece. You can change these examples as you wish.

Good Causal Essay Topics

  1. What are the consequences of going to bed after midnight?
  2. The influence of modern technologies on education.
  3. What are the reasons for superhero movies and comics success?
  4. How do violent computer games influence children?
  5. The reasons for having a pet for kids
  6. Why are the relations between fathers and daughters so important?
  7. What is the influence of online education on elementary school students?

Middle School Topics

  1. Why do children need to do household chores?
  2. What happens if the Internet disappears forever?
  3. What are the central reasons for the rivalry between siblings?
  4. How does the financial situation in the family influence kids?
  5. What happens if the use of smartphones is banned in all educational institutions?
  6. The main grounds for divorces in the US.
  7. The impact of global warming on the economy.
  8. Why are terrorists a threat?
  9. How does stress affect health?
  10. The main reasons for obesity.
  11. How does traveling impact personal development?
  12. Why is it significant to do sports at school?
  13. What causes rivalry between team members?
  14. Why are social networks so popular among teenagers?
  15. How bloggers affect children?

College Causal Essay Topics

  1. The role of racist and sexist movements in the modern world.
  2. Why is living together before getting married important for couples?
  3. How can video games make us smarter?
  4. The negative effects of an age gap between children.
  5. Why is it difficult to be a divorced parent?
  6. The grounds for the Black Lives Matter movement?
  7. Feminism and its effect on present-day society?
  8. How does stress influence the quality of sleep?
  9. Why can the lockdown cause mental health problems?
  10. Why should bullying be stopped?
  11. How does smoking affect the nervous system?
  12. Why is pregnancy stress?
  13. The effect of diet on health.
  14. How do physical exercises improve our health?
  15. Why should children stop eating fast food?
  16. How do teachers change the student’s life?

Wrapping up

This was our detailed guide on writing a successful causal essay. Hopefully, you found an excellent idea for a topic on our list.

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