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best descriptive essay topic

Descriptive essay is a common assignment type at any education level. It gives an author an opportunity to show creativity and play with the readers’ imagination. No thorough research is necessary to complete this assignment type, as the key thing is your own experience and description of various events, things, or feelings.

The most common obstacle students challenge is picking the right topic for such an essay. Unless you are given the guidelines, the topic can be literally anything. Very often, the process is difficult and takes too much time. Despite the fact that the formation is basic, an author needs to have a high level of writing skills to complete it.

Are you stuck with selecting the most fitting topic for your descriptive essay? We offer a comprehensive list of topics in various fields and for diverse levels. Keep on reading to find a perfect one.

What Is a Descriptive Essay?

Before moving on to selecting the topic and composing itself, let’s get acquainted with the central specifics of this assignment.

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that you don’t need to perform any scientific research or take into account others’ opinions. This focuses entirely on your own thoughts, ideas, and experience. You need to tell about things clearly, logically, and simply. The author needs to provide a unique and personalized description and draw the readers’ attention. Many students confuse it with an easy description, but while composing a descriptive essay, you have to follow a certain structure and involve a thesis.

The Main Components of a Descriptive Essay

Now that we know what this assignment type is let’s have a more detailed look at its key components. Talking about a format, this is common and consists of an opening, body sections, and summarizing. Before you start writing, you should choose a topic, the ideas for which are listed down below.


In the opening part, you present your thesis statement and give a context on an entire essay topic. This part aims to attract attention. You should compose it plain and catchy. Remember to include a smooth transition from the general information to your thesis statement. The thesis statement that has one sentence is enough for such an assignment.

Body Paragraphs

3 body sections should back up your thesis statement and present evidence and strong arguments. This is the most challenging part, as the author should select the ideas thoroughly. Remember to put the strongest argument in the first paragraph.


The last part sums up all the information in an essay. It also restates and supports the thesis statement. Don’t involve any innovative ideas in it.

If you have any questions about the writing process, here are the most useful pieces of advice. Consider them and enhance the quality of your writing.

Tips to Write an Awesome Descriptive Essay

A high-quality piece of writing requires much attention and creativity. Starting the writing process immediately is a common student mistake. If you make these steps, you will receive a great and well-organized piece faster.

Make a Draft

Authors often underestimate the importance of drafts. A draft is a version that resembles a final essay. Select the most suitable keywords and spread them in the paragraphs. Highlight the key arguments to include in the body of your essay. Look through the draft and cross out the insignificant points and elements.

Enrich Your Vocabulary

It is okay if your world list is limited by the essay topic. However, you can create a more impressive piece if you broaden it using dictionaries. This will make you sound more professional, and your essay will be more engaging. You may look for the words in online Oxford or Collins dictionaries.

Revise Your Final Version

You can check your essay for mistakes by reading it. There are also numerous automated grammar checking tools available online for free. They will be helpful if you missed something.


Editing is also a significant stage in writing, and you shouldn’t omit it. Some students just skip it, and their pieces look less professional and structured. Put your paper aside for a few days, and then give it a fresh look. This way, you will be more objective and precise. Alternatively, you can use pieces of advice from other people like your friends or family. But be careful and don’t overdo editing. Remember that it is about adjusting and improving several elements and not rewriting the whole essay.

40+ Ideas for a Descriptive Essay

Here are awesome topic ideas. Remember that these are only examples, and you can change them as you wish.

Descriptive Essay Topics for College Students

  1. One day of a honeymoon
  2. The day that influenced all my life
  3. Education is the most important
  4. The future of our planet
  5. The type of parent I am going to be
  6. My first friendship
  7. The beauty of the ocean
  8. My first day as a college student
  9. How do I see the future of our planet
  10. My perfect future job
  11. An ideal date I had
  12. How I discovered my hobbies
  13. How I picked my future job
  14. The best memory from school
  15. The time I spent with my grandparents
  16. My first car
  17. Things I collect
  18. My favorite toy from childhood
  19. The letter I d write to me from a past
  20. I wish I knew these things when I was 12
  21. My morning and evening routine
  22. The qualities of a good employee
  23. My tips to stay concentrated while studying
  24. The most embarrassing moment in my life
  25. My biggest achievement in life

Topics for High School

  1. The first day I moved to a new city/house/flat
  2. One of my happiest days
  3. My childhood pet
  4. The best teacher I’ve ever had
  5. A souvenir from a special place
  6. The most unusual animal I’ve ever seen
  7. Important reasons why children should have a pet
  8. The advantages and disadvantages of doing sports
  9. My favorite holiday
  10. Easter/Christmas/Thanksgiving traditions in my family
  11. The moment that changed my life
  12. The weirdest dream I’ve ever had
  13. 6 Qualities of a good friend
  14. My way from home to school
  15. The most delicious food I’ve ever eaten
  16. The most treasured thing in my family
  17. Why should people love and take care of animals
  18. My favorite song
  19. The time when I met somebody famous

Good Topics

  1. A thing that means a lot to me
  2. My favorite everyday outfit
  3. Someone I am grateful
  4. My first childhood memory
  5. The most unexpected situation in my life
  6. My best birthday party
  7. One of my favorite spots in my hometown
  8. The most beautiful place I’ve ever been to
  9. The best adventure with my friends
  10. Events that positively influenced my personal development
  11. The first performance I attended
  12. My perfect summer days
  13. The best winter holidays I’ve ever had
  14. An unusual talent I have
  15. My favorite school subject and why
  16. The pace where I would like to spend my summer holidays
  17. Top 5 cities I want to visit
  18. Things I use a smartphone for
  19. The time I stayed at a friend’s house
  20. The most extraordinary person I’ve ever met
  21. My preferred food when I was a child
  22. My ideal place in my house

To Sum Up

Those are the best ideas for descriptive essay subjects. Pick the one you are engaged in, and the writing process will be faster and more engaging. We hope you picked something from the list above.

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