60+ Best Art Research Paper Topics

Art Research Paper Topics Ideas

Art is a challenging field to deal with, especially for beginner writers. It can’t be measured with figures like exact sciences. Studying art is much broader and more demanding. Another reason for difficulties is that art embraces various fields like literature, performance, visual arts, etc. Conducting thorough research in a particular field can become a real challenge even for experienced academicians.

However, studying arts is significant for numerous reasons. First of all, it enables one to look at the world from a fresh perspective and think creatively. Studying arts broadens the worldview. Secondly, art represents humanity’s development throughout history.

When you are given the assignment to write a research paper on arts, the first thing to do is decide on the best topic. The most significant criteria for picking the right topic for an art research paper are your own interests and preferences. Conducting research on a subject you are interested in is faster and more engaging. After picking a certain sphere, narrow it up to analyzing a style of an artist or a particular piece of art.

How to Select the Right Topic for an Art Research Paper?

The success of your research paper hinges on the topic you pick, so take it seriously. Ensure you have enough expertise in a selected field. If you want to have deeper knowledge concerning a particular subject, writing research on it is an excellent way. Don’t go for too general or broad topics, as you may not cover them effectively. Narrow down and pick an unusual angle for an investigation. If the topic is quite well-known, it can be difficult to present an original perspective. On the other hand, some specific topics may lack credible information sources. Try to find the right balance and select out-of-the-box ideas on popular subjects.

3 Pre-Writing Steps That Will Boost the Quality of Your Piece

After you decided on a subject, moving on to writing research right away is not an optimal way to present a great piece. There are a few pre-writing steps you should do to conduct research more efficiently. This will substantially increase your chances to deliver a well-thought, high-quality paper.

  • Create a keyword list for your research. They may include various terms and concepts, etc.
  • Look for reliable information sources related to the topic of your investigation.
  • Take notes about your ideas and organize them. This will serve as a backbone for writing and clarify the paper structure.
  • Create an outline to complete the assignment faster.

60+ Topic ideas for an Awesome Art Research Paper

We understand that deciding on a topic immediately is quite difficult, especially when there is such a wide choice. That is why we prepared such an exhaustive list of art research topics to choose from. For your convenience, we divided them into various subcategories. You can use the ready ideas or use them for creating your own unique topics.

Ancient Art History Topics

It is difficult to overestimate the significance of ancient art. Despite being a very popular topic, there are some interesting aspects needing a fresh look. You can find them in the list below.

  1. Jewelry in Ancient Greece
  2. The phenomenon of Greek theater
  3. Famous artworks from ancient Rome
  4. Similarities and differences between the pyramids in Egypt and South Africa
  5. The artistic value of the Great Wall of China
  6. The features of Mesopotamian art
  7. Egyptian images and their specific style
  8. Mythology and its impact on ancient Greek culture
  9. Analysis of the art of the rock garden

Minimalism Art Topics

Minimalism evolved in the US in the late 1950s as a reaction to abstract style, which was the most popular at that time. This style is focused on basic elements and extending the abstract notions. The peculiarities of this style are monochromatic colors and the same shape repetition. The topics below will give you more insight into this extremely popular style.

  1. Analysis of the common minimalist art techniques
  2. The influence of Minimalism on interior design tendencies
  3. Minimalism in graphic design
  4. Minimalism art in the US
  5. Minimalism and architecture
  6. The use of colors to delineate space
  7. Minimalist sculptures
  8. What industrial materials are the most widely used by minimalist artists
  9. The use of colors in minimalist paintings
  10. Why is minimalism art so popular?

Renaissance Art History Topics

The Renaissance period comes after the Middle Ages. Its specifics are increased fascination and elements from ancient Greek and Roman cultures. This period aimed to magnify the natural world. Here are the topics focused on this period and its main representatives.

  1. Women beauty in the Renaissance period
  2. The peculiarities of Raphael’s painting style
  3. The role of Symbolism in the Renaissance period
  4. Leonardo Da Vinci and his impact on Renaissance development
  5. Renaissance and Baroque comparison
  6. The similarities and differences between the Renaissance and contemporary art
  7. Humanistic notions depiction in the Renaissance art
  8. The oddities of Michelangelo’s style

Argumentative Essay Topics About Art

Before writing n argumentative essay, let’s clarify some peculiarities of this essay type. In an argumentative essay, the writer tries to demonstrate that a certain point of view is better than the other ones. He provides arguments to convince the readers to agree with him. This paper needs to present substantial arguments and be persuasive. You can use the topic ideas from our list to create an awesome argumentative research paper.

  1. Can opera change the culture?
  2. Reasons why theatre is significant in our lives
  3. The features that make Russian ballet outstanding
  4. How does art influence our daily life?
  5. The Impact of Hip-Hop culture
  6. The most important Russian painters of the 20th century.
  7. How did Paris become a European center of art?
  8. The influence of the Black Lives movement on art in the US
  9. Should graffiti be considered art or vandalism?
  10. Are investments in art-wise?
  11. Feminism and art
  12. Can television be considered an art?
  13. The peculiarities of Baroque sculptures
  14. Are computer games art?
  15. The social role of art in a contemporary society
  16. Is Banksy an artist or vandal?
  17. What features turn advertisements into a kind of art?
  18. How does art education broaden the worldview?
  19. Why is art education significant at high schools?
  20. How did photography become art?
  21. How can art be used in propaganda?

Art and Religion Topics

The relations between art and religion played a significant role throughout humanity’s development. Here are the topics that dive deeper into the interconnections between these two aspects.

  1. The mosaics in churches
  2. The impact of art on modern Christian churches and temples
  3. The most prominent Islam temples
  4. A critical look at Gothic temples
  5. The characteristics of abstract representation
  6. The use of colors in Orthodox churches
  7. Carpets as important elements of Islamic temples
  8. Buddhist temple architecture analysis
  9. Influence of literature on religion

Modern Art Topics

Contemporary art is one of the most discussed aspects of art. This area is relatively new and rapidly developing, so you can find many unique research topic ideas. Check out our list below.

  1. Social media and modern art
  2. How does globalization influence modern art?
  3. Technologies that shape the contemporary art
  4. Murals as a form of protest in modern society
  5. The role of art fairs
  6. Computer games an art
  7. The growing popularity of digital art


Creating a research paper involves numerous processes such as gathering information and outlining. Picking a perfect topic is the most important thing for any research. Art is quite a wide area that has much space for a writer’s imagination. We hope this article helped you find a unique topic idea for a successful art research paper.

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