What Does a Thematic Essay Mean?

what is thematic essay

A thematic paper is composing that depends on a concrete matter or topic. The author needs to determine the relationship that endures among various facts and come to a logical summing-up. The idea of thematic articles is to evaluate the comprehension and understanding of historical facts and social researches. They need critical thinking, study, and evaluation to form a logical and detailed description of the chosen theme. The majority of learners face complications in composing thematic articles. On the other hand, they possess a general structure and outline that enable students to write thematic essays simpler.

Let’s consider the thematic article determination. A thematic essay is a type of writing in which a writer develops the principal topic in some literature utilizing literary techniques such as personification, imagery, foreshadowing, etc.

An expert author of the essay will reveal the main topic, describe the literary methods applied, and display the general importance of the topic. The main difficulty arises from the fact that despite there are different topics, searching for the most important and impactful one can be complicated.

Of course, every person possesses their separate personal interpretation, making it difficult to come to a consensus on the main topic. Briefly speaking, a properly composed thematic article comes from a strong main idea that is persuasively explained by literary methods and logical arguments.

How to Find Interesting Topic for a Thematic Essay

With the help of thematic articles, the learner can:

  • Focus on topics and ideas in the social education learning standards.
  • Improve critical thinking experiences.
  • Be able to establish relationships and linkages.
  • Don’t restrict themselves by answering separate assignments in the matter and study the relationships between parts of the matter.

An important facet of composing a great thematic article is selecting a topic. View the tips enumerated here to assist you in finding out a topic for your thematic essay:

  • Use the brainstorming process from your personal experiences. Remember what you were discussing in school, with your classmates or parents. Do some of these discussions remind you of some novel, book, or work of literature?
  • Draft all ideas that appear in your mind. Usually, your most crazy thoughts are the most excellent technique to create an interesting topic for your thematic paper.
  • Enumerate your preferred literature works. Which literature work was the most interesting for you? You can attempt to examine its subject and issues the writer created within the literature piece. This action can assist you in creating your personal ideas.
  • Consider the details of different literature works: You can discover some exciting details within another literature piece that can assist you in creating your topic.

Nevertheless, still possess no idea what to compose your thematic essay about? Don’t worry, below are some ideas especially for you.

  1. What is George Orwell’s idea in describing a “Perfect Utopia” in his novel “1984”?
  2. What central idea is George Orwell’s representation of Communism in the novel “Animal Farm”?
  3. What is Harper Lee telling about innocence in her book “To Kill A Mockingbird”?
  4. What is John Steinbeck telling about solitude and loneliness in “Of Mice and Men”?
  5. What is F. Scott Fitzgerald telling about the American Dream in “The Great Gatsby”?

Outline of a Thematic Essay

The thematic article possesses some important components. First of all, it needs to have five paragraphs or even more; everything depends on the depth of the topic. Then, it needs to possess a strong thesis statement, which, differently speaking, is the thematic statement that arises from the main subject. The introductory part acquaints the target audience with the topic and the thesis statement. Every main paragraph discusses one or several literary elements to maintain the reasonableness of your thesis, all at the same time presenting various supporting details from the document itself. Finally, the thematic article summing-up resumes the principal points provided and completes with a statement of importance.

Introductory Part

The thematic article introductory part introduces the central topic of discussion in an engrossing manner. The opening sentence of the introductory part needs to be a hook statement that offers some interesting claims about the topic of discussion. If executed properly, this will attract the attention of your target audience. Then, present any important background info from the literature work that will assist the target audience in comprehending your claims following on. Finally, prepare a well-thought-out thesis statement that reveals the main topic of the book.

Main Paragraphs

The main paragraphs satisfy a format of a thematic article. As every main paragraph’s goal needs to be to tell about a literary device as proof, the theme sentence needs to include the claim and access to the proof. Each theme sentence needs to introduce a literary device and its connection to the literature.

Then, to prove your claim, utilize instances from the novel that increase the argumentation of your statement. These can be activities from the plot or quotes that are parallel with the main topic. It’s necessary to describe how the activity/citation connects with your thesis statement, as it demonstrates that you can maintain your logic.

Hold in memory: every claim needs to utilize a literary device. It can not simply be a casual moment or conclusion. Thematic articles are all about affirming thesis statements by the utilization of critical literary devices.


The thematic article summing-up possesses three principal purposes to achieve before completing the whole essay. There is no need to add any extra info, data, or facts, and it only needs to summarize the info already provided. Your first action is to restate your thesis statement in a different way. Next, summarize the main claims you created within the main section of your essay and their impact on the thesis statement. To complete the entire assignment, provide a general concluding statement with an overall analysis of the topic. Provide your target audience another hook by making them be involved in discovering deeper the theme.

Finishing Strokes

Before you present your thematic articles to your educator, you need to make sure that you reviewed them for some errors. The primary action is to verify if your main topic is the one that the writer most probably concentrated on. Unless you possess a secondary topic that has a powerful presentation about it as a primary, confirm the primary topic.

Proofread the complete thematic essay reviewing for grammatical errors, correcting spelling and punctuation errors, and sentence structure. Such neglect can lead to your educator becoming irritated as nobody wants to read an essay full of errors. Make your essay clean from mistakes as much as possible.

Have an extra pair of eyes to consider and evaluate your essay. Ask your class fellow to view your work; this will enable you to understand if you have focused on the identical subject as your educator expected.

Thematic essays can appear challenging, particularly if you are a beginner author. Students can still try to write a thematic essay after viewing the article or any different instances of thematic essays that they are utilizing for their thematic articles. Also, it is a good idea to ask for advice from your educator. It will be simpler to combat the difficulties along the writing process.

Are There Still Problems?

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