Useful Tips and Interesting Examples of Nursing Research Proposal Topics

Excellent Nursing Research Proposal Topics For Your Paper

Choosing a theme for your research is like laying the foundation of the building. Making the right choice is crucial for conducting a meaningful study. Selecting a specific nursing essay topic may seem challenging, as there are endless possibilities for research, a lot of issues to discuss. If you want your writing to be relevant, it is very important to refer to practical examples, maybe your own experience. Make sure to use up-to-date information and don’t rely on theory entirely. You will add credibility to your paper by using data from clinical researches, assembling statistics, and presenting practical proofs. 

Students often forget about one essential thing: it’s better to choose something that makes you genuinely interested and absorbed in the subject. Your research paper is doomed to be a failure if you find the chosen topic dull and meaningless. Think about your future: what might be useful for your forthcoming practice and development? Try answering your own nursing research questions and accumulate new knowledge.

There’s an option to combine some of these sample topics and come up with a unique idea!

Mental Health Topics

  1. Effective treatment for early-stage dementia
  2. Aromatherapy and its effect on anxiety and depression
  3. What kinds of care procedures may be effective for suicidal patients?
  4. Explore efficient ways of dealing with self-harm patients
  5. How can nurses help overcome depression?
  6. Alcohol addiction disorders
  7. Generalized anxiety disorder: causes and effective treatments
  8. Psychiatric patient ethics
  9. When should psychiatrists be involved in the patient’s treatment?
  10. PTSD in veterans
  11. The influence of aging on the patient’s mental health
  12. Alzheimer’s disease: effective nursing interventions
  13. Specific mental disorders in teenagers
  14. Psychotherapy as a treatment: when is it effective?
  15. How to manage attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder?
  16. Cognitive-behavioral therapy and its effectiveness for ADHD
  17. Regular exercise and its impact on anxiety disorders
  18. Anorexia in teenage girls: mental causes and treatment
  19. Emerging bipolar therapies
  20. Discuss the impact of video games on mental health: do they cause aggression in teenagers?

Child Nursing Topics

  1. Major causes of child mortality under five years in your country
  2. Can being overweight in childhood predict obesity in adolescence?
  3. Can breastfeeding reduce the risk of leukemia in children?
  4. Speech disorders therapy
  5. Intestinal parasites: does handwashing reduce the risk?
  6. Seizures causes in infants
  7. Assess using opioid in children: the possibilities of opioid abuse in adolescent
  8. Pediatric care ethics
  9. Assess suboptimal diabetes control: interventions in 10 to 16-year-olds
  10. New approaches to supporting children with autism
  11. Vaccination and autism
  12. Discuss poor nutrition treatment among school children
  13. How does healthy nutrition affect children’s general wellbeing?
  14. Constipation in children: causes, treatments, and prevention
  15. Effective ways to prevent child obesity
  16. The effectiveness of pet therapy in autistic children

Adult Nursing Topics

  1. Mirror therapy in brain injuries
  2. Antipsychotics for delirium treatment: positive and negative sides
  3. Discuss chronic heartburn treatment in middle-aged men
  4. Chest pain: possible causes and treatment
  5. Dealing with limited mobility after surgery
  6. Discuss effective tactics for blood pressure improvement in middle-aged women
  7. Psoriasis: treatment plan and advice
  8. Weight management programs as an efficient way to treat obesity 
  9. Regaining essential motor functions after a stroke
  10. Examine disposable pressure cuffs: advantages and drawbacks
  11. Discuss the most effective ways to treat sepsis
  12. Clinical cardiology innovations
  13. Exercise and sports medicine

Older Patients Care Topics

  1. Bladder cancer therapy
  2. How can light exercise prevent bone fractures and falls?
  3. Explore age-related hearing loss: early signs and intervention methods
  4. Is home the best place to grow old?
  5. Discuss the important aspects of supporting older patients with diabetes
  6. Cardiovascular risk reduction
  7. Last days: how to make dying patients comfortable
  8. Predicting suicide attempts among older patients
  9. Restless legs syndrome
  10. Assess individualized geriatric care for aging seniors
  11. Discuss clinical trials in elderly patients: are they ethical?
  12. Parkinson’s disease precautions
  13. Assess the role of Community Based Social Innovations in healthy aging
  14. he role of Community Based Social Innovations in healthy aging
  15. Identifying abuse when dealing with an elderly patient
  16. Discuss senior healthcare options and services in your country
  17. What are the ways of dealing with older patients who refuse to eat?

Pain Management Topics

  1. Explore non-pharmacological ways to relieve pain
  2. Effective pain management in children
  3. Discuss cold therapy and its effectiveness in pain management
  4. Innovative injection use
  5. Discuss ethical problems in pain management
  6. Cases of opioid poisoning among children
  7. Pain restrictions evaluation
  8. Phantom limb pain after amputation: mechanisms and treatments 
  9. Examine innovative methods to manage and reduce pain
  10. Pain relief therapy: innovative approaches
  11. What are the effective ways of supporting patients with chronic pain?
  12. Discuss music therapy and pain management in children
  13. Postoperative pain management
  14. Headache treatment protocol
  15. Discuss opioid drugs and addiction issues
  16. Can chronic pain be caused by incorrect pain treatment?
  17. Myofascial pain rehabilitation

Professional Nursing Issues Topics

  1. Strategies to support emotional health 
  2. Contracting infectious diseases: challenges and solutions
  3. Discuss nursing and cultural issues
  4. Will telehealth replace the traditional nursing process?
  5. Ways to increase cultural sensitivity in nurses
  6. Nursing and legal issues
  7. Assess the challenges of becoming a certified nurse
  8. How can nurses deal with nervousness and anxiety?
  9. Collaborative nursing and its advantages
  10. How can inadequate nursing increase risk for patients?
  11. Bioscience in nursing education
  12. Important self-care practices for nurses
  13. How can good nurses help in improving the clinical setting?

Women’s Health Nursing Topics

  1. Ovarian disorder analysis
  2. Examine typical sexual disorders in women
  3. Major risks of pregnancy termination
  4. Breast cancer treatment
  5. Vaginal atrophy causes
  6. Pregnancy and obesity: short term and long-term risks
  7. Assess menopause challenges
  8. What are the unhealthiest habits during pregnancy, and why should women avoid them?
  9. Discuss pregnancy prevention measures
  10. Examine potential abortion consequences for women
  11. Acne treatment in women
  12. How can pregnancy-induced hypertension be treated?
  13. Sleep disorders in women: causes and effective treatment
  14. Assess modern neonatal practices
  15. Discuss infertility ethical rules
  16. Reproductive endocrinology
  17. Chronic fatigue and its implications for women

Other Interesting Nursing Topics

  1. How can specific foods prevent cardiovascular diseases?
  2. Night shifts and stress: how to overcome nerve-racking situations?
  3. Assess euthanasia and its moral aspects
  4. Effective ways to prevent child obesity
  5. Human factors in patient security
  6. Treatment of imprisoned patients 
  7. Bad influence of social media on eating habits 
  8. Eating disorders impacted by pop culture
  9. The importance of hydration on overall health
  10. Assess opioid usage in patients with rheumatoid arthritis
  11. Discuss the typical causes of migraines
  12. Gender bias in nursing 
  13. Type II diabetes: causes and treatment 
  14. Recovering after physical traumas: efficient methods
  15. Ethical aspects of infertility
  16. Should healthcare be free for everyone?
  17. Nursing and professional burn-out: effective tactics to deal with a stressful environment 
  18. Bone fractures treatment
  19. How can smartphone applications be helpful in self-care?
  20. How can nurses help in dealing with drug dependence?
  21. Multiple sclerosis: effective nursing practices
  22. Supporting patients with PTSD: management strategies
  23. Discuss the specific characteristics of ambulatory care 
  24. Depression and anxiety connected with disease
  25. Is antibiotics prescription always justified?
  26. Midwifery and baby care
  27. Discuss the positive and negative aspects of nursing homes
  28. Explore the psychological state of patients with cancer
  29. Discuss the effects of breastfeeding on infants
  30. Explore the methods of rehabilitation after brain injuries 
  31. Critical care nursing
  32. Massage therapy and its positive impact on mental health
  33. Primary health care for patients with asthma
  34. Post-surgery care and its impact on the recovery rate
  35. Assess cardiac disorders and oxygen therapy
  36. Ventilator-associated pneumonia: causes and treatment
  37. Do overweight nurses promote an unhealthy lifestyle?
  38. Meal plan for patients with diabetes
  39. Discuss male nurses providing care for women
  40. Men shortage in nursing
  41. Nursing uniform code rules
  42. Examine vaccination in rural areas
  43. Symptoms in the ER that medicine can’t explain
  44. Discuss quality assessment methods in healthcare
  45. Healthcare home service
  46. Diabetic feet: innovational treatment
  47. Prostate cancer and its clinical management 
  48. Assess end of life care for people in acute hospitals
  49. Nursing marijuana management 
  50. Discuss the ethical responsibilities of pharmacists

Note that nursing research topics can be qualitative and quantitative. Consider the second option if you want to present more numbers and figures in your study. In quantitative research papers, you should defend your statement with the help of statistics.

We hope that these topics collected above will motivate and inspire you. If you need professional help, don’t hesitate to hire experienced writers, who will handle the most complex subjects and meet your deadline.