Analysis of Jem Finch Character: Facts and Outlook

Most of the papers based on the analysis of book/movie characters must remain well-structured pieces. The proper structure and core elements included are vital. Thus, every writer needs to add all the requested components into an essay. First, every analysis must provide a summary of the story. Next, you need to name and describe the main character you analyze. The most important events from the character’s life can also be outlined. It mostly depends on the type of story you check how much information you need to include in your analysis. Often writers describe additional characters as well. Especially if they influence the life of the main hero drastically. Like any other written paper, this particular piece must be flawless and original. Check the detailed Jem Finch character analysis presented in the article below.

Jem Finch Character Analysis

The famous story takes place in Alabama State in a small town, Maycomb. The main character of the story is Jean Finch (Scout), a six-year-old girl. She lives with her father, Atticus Finch, her brother Jem Finch, and a housekeeper named Calpurnia. The girl spends almost all her time with her older brother Jem. They are great friends and caring siblings. Their relationship is one of the most important plot basics. The reader can get into the life of the Finch family and see the society they live in through their eyes.

The Detailed Analysis of the Finch Family

Atticus Finch is one of the main characters of the story. He is the head of the Finch family. What is more, Atticus is a single father who wants to become a great layer. He spends days and nights in his office, trying to pursue his dream career. His kids stay with their housekeeper most of the time. They mostly spend time playing and getting into various troubles. They cannot help themselves staying out of any adventurous and bothersome events. Scout and Jem have all their time for themselves. They spend their days playing with their neighbor’s nephew Dill as well. Mostly, they wander around a particular house on their street—the house where Boo Radley lives.

Once being known as a very scary man; children expect to see him every time they come close. Still, they have never been given a chance to see him leaving his house. But they often find the presents left for them near his house. The ones that are aimed at gaining their trust and friendship. When Atticus starts working at the particular case of an African-American man, Tom Robinson, convinced of raping a white girl, Mayella, the kids start getting threats. They become an object of humiliation based on racial issues. They get more racial comments and unfair judgment every day. Still, children tend to support their father in his work of helping an innocent man.

The Court Events and Consequences

Once starting defending Tom Robinson, Atticus’ kids get more unpleasant comments told them every day. Still, they stay stoic. Atticus faces numerous unpleasant comments at the court as well. Most of the racial speaks and insolences are coming from Mayella’s father, Bob. Since being a known drunk, Bob keeps disrespecting the court the entire time. Finally, Tom is found guilty of rape. Even without proper evidence, his guilt is proven. After, he dies trying to escape from the prison. Since racism was so common in the South, it has become a reason for bad judgment. It was a difficult time for Scout and Jem.

The lesson they were forced to learn about the relationships in the society was really devastating. The unfairness of life has become one of the main top motives of the picture. After the court, Jem and Scout are attacked by Bob Ewell, who was trying to get back on Atticus for his lack of respect. The kids were saved by Boo Radley. The police have decided to proceed with no changes against Boo Radley since he was acting on account of self-defense. These events have influenced Jem Finch and his perception of the current society greatly. 

Jem Finch Character’s Features

Jem Finch is a ten-year-old boy who lives in Maycomb, Alabama. He is a young kid who is characterized by his respect for people, honesty, and the protectiveness of his little sister. We can define the main personal features of Jem Finch. He can be described as:

  • Respectful

Jem sees his father as the role model. Atticus is an example of Jem. Watching his father being respectful with every person, no matter of gender, race, and social background, he keeps acting in the same way. He stays respectful to every person. But the most important is his respect for his father. When he visits the Radley’s house and gets scared, he runs from the property. Once running, Jem gets caught in the fence and loses his trousers. Since he respects his father so much, he overpowers his fear and comes back for his trousers eventually. 

  • Athletic

Jem Finch is a ten-year-old boy. He loves sports a lot and often play football. Regrettably, he never got to be a part of a football team, since the coach thinks he is too skinny. Still, the couch decision never made Jem stopping believe in himself. He keeps coming to practice football. Even not being a part of the team, he keeps coming to the matches. He acts like a water boy assigned by a couch. It allows his socializing with other players and learning how to be a team player. He likes being an important member of the team. He keeps training and east more to gain some weight. Eventually, he makes it into the team.

  • Compassionate

In every life event, Jem remains a great person. Even being so young, he remains a great older brother for Scout. He tries to learn how to stay optimistic. When she has problems at school, he always helps her to overcome her difficulties. He supports her entirely since he knows how difficult it can be to start your school years. He is a very compassionate and supportive boy. He is very protective of his little sister, as well.

Jem and Scout Relationship

Jem acts like a great older brother. He tries to spend a lot of time with his little sister. He teaches her many things. But the most important, he tries to stay positive and optimistic with her. He stays humorous and lets them both being easy-going. Once roaming streets near their house, they stay busy with discovering new interesting places. They are curious and have lots of questions. Their housekeeper Calpurnia gets a bunch of questions every day. Jem often gets excited to get more information about the things he cannot understand.

He is also curious about very important matters. For instance, he keeps figuring out why Boo has no desire to leave his house. His curiosity allows him to look through many life issues like a mature person. But even with some mature thoughts, he stays naïve. It is typical for children of his age. But after the Tom Robinson trial. His naivety vanishes a little. Before the trial, he had a solid opinion about the Maycomb citizens. He was sure they were righteous and tended to do only proper things. When he understands that he is surrounded by extremely narrow-minded and racist people, he loses his simplicity. Once being protective of his little sister, he always tries to keep her safe from any harm. Their relationship is an example of caring and love between siblings.

Jem Finch Character Summary

Jem Finch is the example of a great kid that lives through difficult events. His attitude towards wrongdoings in his neighborhood is exceptional. Once seeing that most of his neighbors have turned to be real racists, he keeps asking himself about the reasons for such narrow-mindless. He stays loyal to his principles. Even being a ten-year-old kid, he stays respectful with every person he meets. No matter of genre, race, or social background.

He fights for something he recognizes as important. He withstands the cruel racial comments his family gets within a counting process. He dislikes the racial prejudice and tends to always think rationally. The narrow-minded people that surround him only make him feel bad. He keeps looking for the answers to why his previously favorite town has become such a cruel place. Once seeing a not guilty person being punished for the crime he never committed, he becomes less naïve. It is hard for him to deal with such situations. Still, re remains truthful and respectful. He is always ready to stand up for the truth.