A Brief Writing Instruction And Ideas For A Persuasive Speech At College

A persuasive essay (also known as an argumentative) is a piece of academic writing aimed to persuade a reader or an audience in the writer’s logically built and well-reasoned point of view. This kind of work intends to educate the audience about the topic and provide strong evidence to support the claim. It is a well-spread type of work in studying establishments such as high school and college. It might also be necessary during the whole course of your carrier, depending on the professional path that you choose.

This type of essay usually requires an individual study and in-depth research. Among the sources that a writer will need are:

  • articles of respectful and famous publications related to the topic;
  • books;
  • journal articles;
  • official web sites;
  • statistical analysis;
  • survey reports;
  • interview of the experts in mass media.

Persuasive Essay: The Core Elements

The pars of a persuasive essay include:

  1. Thesis statement. These are two sentences of the main argument.
  2. Introduction. Description of the issue, reasons why it deserves attention, and the author’s opinion.
  3. An argument to the contrary. It means the argument opponents of the claimed statement due to the importance of presenting the argument impartially. The task of an orator is to redargue it.
  4. Body chapters. These prove the thesis with the facts from the respectful sources.
  5. A summarizing: the conclusion of the main points of the work sustain thesis.

The 5-chapters essay explores the topic at fullest and being enough to prove your point of view.

Advice for Writing a Successful Persuasive Speech

Persuasive skills are necessary for each person. To write a successful essay:

  1. Concentrate on your goal, do not overdo it speaking about everything at once, exclude a long chapeau part, avoid blaming representing clear facts only.
  2. Explore your audience. Get familiar with whom you will be speaking. In the listeners barely know anything about the topic, the problem-solution format might be appropriate. If people are well knowledgeable about the theme and possess solemn arguments against your point of view, you might need to focus on the facts of the authoritative sources.
  3. Emphasize on speaking with your listeners. You do not intend to pass a test. Your task is to persuade them. Express your intention to hear people and your deep interest in their opinion. Extended visual contact and a friendly manner of communication are welcome.
  4. Break the ice between you and the audience. People must get a feeling that they can trust you.
  5. Use numerous examples in your speech. Among being a powerful weapon of proving your opinion, they are so much more engaging than the dry facts.

Delivery of a speech is an art. Do not be upset if any mistake appears. Practicing is your best friend to achieve mind-blowing results.

Everyday Life Persuasive Speech Topics for College Students

During the studying course, college students face many argumentative essays on various subjects. Here is a list of up-to-date topics. You will notice that some themes have the question format. That gives you a foundation to form and prove your opinion.

  1. Limiting the number of children in families: advantages and disadvantages.
  2. Should the system of free public transport for seniors be moderated?
  3. Is the local government good at arranging chargeless Wi-Fi spots around the city?
  4. The life in megapolis versus life in the countryside.
  5. Open-mindedness is a necessary communication skill at all times.
  6. Do «hard» kids in a class deserve more attention or ignorance in favor of the rest?
  7. Free Internet over the globe: benefits and risks.
  8. The improvement of life in general during the last hundred years.
  9. Do stereotypes ruin progress?
  10. Do prisoners have a right to vote?
  11. The effectiveness of the poverty campaign.
  12. Harm level estimation of genetically modified products.
  13. How to be useful to your social circle.

These topics are relevant to all of us. Doubtlessly, you will have a hot discussion with your audience.

Television and Media Persuasive Speech Topics for College Studying Program

Television and media are part of our lives in varying degrees. Look through the themes on this subject and choose the most-debated one:

  1. How does media prepossess us the beauty standards? Are they non-hazardous?
  2. Degradation mind processes in young generations due to the influence of TV.
  3. Messages for the target audience of teen ages should be more careful: true or false?
  4. Should the age restriction for TV programs be severer?
  5. Are intellectual TV shows intellectual indeed?
  6. Are there enough educational programs/channels?
  7. Do the violence, pornography, and slang are well-censored on TV?
  8. The cable TV market monopoly.
  9. The government is in favor of media giants.
  10. Influences of TV and church on society: similarities and differences.
  11. Should we trust the information transmitted via TV?
  12. Does freedom of speech exist?
  13. Are severe crimes and war too explicit?
  14. Does reality show still make sense?
  15. Mass media and global terrorism: how are these connected?
  16. Are the classic newspapers dying as a form of media?
  17. Advertisements on TV: harm or good?
  18. Should alcohol and junk food advertisements are banned?
  19. Self-radicalization due to the news.
  20. Modern politics and mass media: how are they incorporated?

Remember, the best topic is the one that you understand the best. People should feel your interest and passion for proving your statement.

Legality in Persuasive Speech Topics for College Students

Perhaps, you may consider one of the legality topics. It might be useful not only for the persuasive speech but for daily life as well. And doubtlessly, one of these will call hot and contradictory arguments. Discover the most interesting ones:

  1. An adequate punishment for drunk drivers.
  2. Should the law against conversations on a cell phone while driving be incorporated?
  3. The law for pirate copies of licensed music and moves: does it work?
  4. Can undocumented immigrates be allowed to receive the driving license?
  5. How dangerous for society is the possession of a weapon?
  6. How does the law regulate keeping exotic animals?
  7. Should sellers pay extra taxes for unhealthy food products?
  8. Outlawing of public smoking: right or wrong?
  9. Abortion must be punishable: pros and cons.
  10. Is it time to reconsider bullying as a crime?
  11. Legal hunting for everyone: is this right?
  12. Legal gambling: right or wrong?
  13. Euthanasia legalization when doctors have nothing to say.
  14. Can euthanasia decrease the percentage of suicides?
  15. Should mono sexual couples have the same rights as heterosexual couples?
  16. 3-days weekend by law: is it a strike for the economic system?
  17. Working-age: should children labor be rejected?
  18. Are medicinal drugs out of control?

Each of these topics is a hot-button. Be ready for the fight and contradictory arguments.

Medicine in Persuasive Speech Topics for College Students

We all visit doctors since childhood. Everyone has collapsed with some medical issue and doubtlessly has an opinion at least about some general facts. We offer several themes for your speech:

  1. Alternative ways of treatment: the truth and the myths.
  2. Infertility in couples with unhealthy habits or lifestyles.
  3. Mental health problems and their influence on society.
  4. Obligatory blood donation: necessity or whimsy?
  5. How do cell-phones affect our brains?
  6. Does biohacking mean health improvement indeed?
  7. Is taking care of the immune system a panacea for dealing with all illnesses?
  8. Measurements of improving the brain functionality and general well-being state.
  9. Salt consumption and its impact on health.
  10. Does mouthwash truly help to prolong dental health?
  11. Utilization of ambloma for genetic research.
  12. Sport as the cheapest way to avoid health problems.
  13. Hazard level estimation of fast food.
  14. Seat belts as prevention against lethal casualties during road traffic.
  15. The consequences of working years along without vacation on the state of health.

Either you choose a simple topic or deeply scientific, do not forget to provide the facts that prove your statement. The facts increase the chance to persuade the audience to your point of view.

Professional Writing of Persuasive Speech

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