How To Write A Good Hook: Guides And Tips

When you need to complete an essay paper, you always tend to make it engaging and interesting. Most writers tend to make an essay outstanding. Besides, since this particular paper must be unique, writers get really adventurous with the ways of starting their articles. The first sentence of your paper must grab the audience’s attention. Moreover, they need to engage the audience in an open discussion. Most of the essay types are aimed at persuading a reader to share the same point of view the author has. The original hook sentences must start this process of persuading. First, you engage the reader. Further, tell your story. Finally, get the devoted reader who shares your point of view.

There are different types of hook sentences you can use in your article. It depends on your creativity what kind of hook sentences you can add. Be sure to use the ones that grab the audience’s attention. The process of writing becomes even more complicated when you need to provide some engaging phrases for readers. It is important to complete a flawless piece. Thus, students pay time revising and proofreading written content. But it even more important to assure interesting content. The hook sentences help greatly to impress readers. Check some tips on how to write the best essay with great hook phrases and sentences.

How to Create Hook Sentences That Engage Readers

Once trying to write the best possible hook sentence, check first what you are dealing with. The hook is a really catchy phrase or sentence. It is mostly used to start your essay. High school and college students use hooks to motivate the audience to check their papers. It can be a simple sentence. But it must be engaging and highly informative. You introduce your main idea in the introduction. With hooks, you make the introduction really appealing. Different types of essays require different elements to be highlighted in the paper.

Essay openings often include hooks. Especially the ones that gather the reader’s attention. Many ideas can be checked before you start writing your paper. Strangely, but many writers can destroy their essays with a bad introduction sentence. In fact, students often make a familiar mistake. They start the article with some exciting hooks that have nothing related to the topic. Further, everything gets missed up. You cannot divide hook sentences from the main subject of the paper. They need to be related. The opening line, surely, must be entertaining. But, it also needs to have a connection with the rest of the essay. You can use your words as a powerful weapon. With them, you can gain the reader’s attention at once.

Top Tips on Creating Hook Sentences

Once you know that your thesis statement must have something common with the hook sentence, you can start brainstorming your ideas. It can take time to come up with good ones. You need a few engaging sentences only. Still, creating them can be a tough job. They need to become a great starter point of your interesting paper. Moreover, you must ensure a proper tone and writing style. The original writing style is always a benefit. Still, if you deal with writing assignments in natural science or computer science, you need to sound properly.

Thus, the paper must remain a research piece if it is defined by the tutor’s requirements. Sure, if you write an article for a blog, you can be as creative as you want. Be clever to use a needed tone. Once dealing with your paper, check your target audience. Mostly, your writings should not be too complex. Even if you perform a research paper in chemistry, you need to sound like a student. No matter what written piece you are completing, your main aim is to whether inform or motivate your readers. The hook phrases should let the reader get into your paper’s plot at once. 

How to Create an Outstanding Hook Sentences

Many writers experiment with hook sentences greatly. They tend to create the most engaging introduction part. Once you are well-aware of the topic you are writing about, it becomes a high time to start your paper with an impressive beginning. Remember to use the introduction relevant to the main subject. There are no restrictions on what kind of sentences must be used. Still, there is a list of the most frequently used phrases and sentences. 

Creative and experienced writers use the following openings for their papers:

  • intriguing facts;
  • anecdotes and jokes;
  • statistics and figures;
  • rhetorical questions;
  • quotes;
  • allegory;
  • idiomatic expression.

The mentioned openings can be good for your article. You decide for yourself which one to use in your article. Once using some facts in your text, make sure to transform it into a real hook. Thus, the final sentence needs to be engaging and inspiring. Besides, it is good if you can provide some facts previously unknown to the reader. You are free to use facts from any of the material you can reach. It includes magazines, newspapers, scientific journals, reports, documentaries, etc. Some facts can be very engaging. Once using the one, you can make the reader read your entire paper easily. 

Intrigue Your Audience with Hook Sentences

From the mentioned list of top openings, you are free to choose the one that suits your type of paper the most. You can use some quotes. Also, writing down some statistical data is an effective solution. Still, make sure to use only up-to-date and relevant sources. You can start your essay with an opening question as well. Thus, the entire paper will be based on proving or disapproving your theory. You can be straightforward with your sayings. The readers can be intrigued to investigate some important matters with you.

Humor can also be a great tool. Once starting your paper with a joke or anecdote, you can get some emotional feedback from your readers. Often, writers use something that simply catches an eye. Still, you need to be very careful with your humorous phrases. Different countries have a different perception of jokes. There are many forbidden jokes you better not use in your work. Every hook sentence must be chosen wisely. When using statistics, facts, and other data, make yourself look like a real expert. Thus, try to sound confident and positive. 

How to Write Excellent Research Paper Hooks

It can take time to prepare strong introductions. Moreover, it becomes even more complicated with the hooks included. Sure, there are no obligatory rules for grabbing the reader’s attention. Still, there are some tips you can use. First, when you deal with scientific research papers, using anecdotes, jokes, and some dramatic scenes is no good for your paper. The research paper requires a scientific style of writing used. Second, using facts is more preferable. Besides, if you start with some intriguing facts or opening questions, you can use it as the main thesis statement. Thus, you will be investigating the written thesis in your research paper. It means the hook sentence will be properly related to the main topic and quite attention-grabbing. If it leaves the reader interested in your article, then your hook sentence is properly used.

For research and scientific papers, you can use the following win-win formulas:

  • an applicable fact revealed intriguingly;
  • an opening question that provokes checking the entire research and findings;
  • an interesting and informative piece of statistics;
  • key ideas of your topic that allow readers to get the main point of your research.

You can use the mentioned formulas to create your strong introduction part with intriguing hook sentences.

Examples of Hook Sentences for Various Papers

It always takes time to complete strong hooks. Since you need to intrigue the readers, it often a tough job to do it well fast. When creating hooks, take your time. First, check the type of paper you are completing. Second, define what kind of hook sentence you need for your essay. Further, make sure to check the information on the topic you research to be able to come up with a good hook.

When using statistical data and figures, be ready to provide only relevant, correct, and up-to-date information.

“In the next two years over 20% of malls will be closed and changed with online shopping services.”

(Credit Suisse Report, 2017).

“The decrease in the drinking water that occurred within the last decade has brought nasty changes in global climate and degrade the lives of millions of people on Earth.”

With the example above, you can define for readers some important changes in society. You provide a fact. Further, readers can find the reasons and outcomes of the mentioned phenomenon. Moreover, you provide the fact that it is often new for the audience. It makes your hook sentence even more beneficial. New facts always bring more readers’ attention. You can easily use some phrases and sentences from books, films, magazines, etc. But it is mostly used when you deal with some creative academic writing pieces. Always make sure you check the paper’s requirements before you start writing your introduction with hooks. 

If you face any problems with the essay’s accomplishment, feel free to use professional online writing assistance. You can always get your paper with great hook sentences online in a few clicks.