How To Critique An Article: Guides For Students

Writing an article critique is quite a complex assignment. Your tutor will expect to get a flawless piece with a properly analyzed topic in the end. Good writing is needed to perform a top work. Also, critical thinking is requested for a familiar type of paper. The journal article evaluation is aimed at figuring out the main point of an analyzed piece. In short, you check the arguments offered by the writer. Additionally, you are evaluating whether they are correct or wrong. You must check every argument provided by the author. It means you need to have enough knowledge to investigate the assigned topic.  Surely, you must be aware of what you are analyzing in your critique paper.

The research article critique can differ in some ways. But, it only means you would need more information to learn before analyzing the article. The proper investigation requires a good outline. You can use it as a working plan for a paper. An outline often allows assuring a proper structure with every needed element written down—the structure of your paper matters. Once you check the top arguments and facts in your critique, use supporting evidence to prove your point of view. Your assumption must also be proven. You can check various instructions online to learn more. Also, you can check the information in this article to analyze your own chosen journal or a research article.

Article Critique Purposes

A properly written article critique must be flawless. Also, it should be unique. Your definition and explanation of the main arguments in the article must be correct. You cannot provide a final paper with mistakes as well. Lots of students get stuck with the wrong writing strategy. Mostly, they tend to define and explain the main points of the article. At the same time, they need to critique them. You do not need to summarize an article. In fact, most articles have already had short summaries. Your main task is to critique the main arguments in the article.

Thus, if you tend to outline some information, start with arguments definition. Check and write down the main arguments and facts presented in the article. Further, make sure to analyze them. Define whether they are correct or false. Remember, your opinion must be unique. Moreover, your original opinion must be backed up by proper supporting evidence. It is not enough to provide your point of view. Since you deal with critical thinking, your argumentation must be impeccable. You can also reveal the information about the author’s mistakes if applicable. There is no need to avoid more complex deep analysis if needed. Thus, when you must present an article critique, be free to conduct any analysis needed. If you lack some skills, learn more about your assignment.

How to Critique an Article

The article critique process usually starts with the main topic definition. It takes a few sentences to do so. Be precise with the main topic of revelation. The main subject of the paper is the top theme you focus on. Therefore, clarify it from the start. You can additionally clarify the purpose of an article. If possible, outline the main issues the article raises in the society or for a particular audience. The article critique process includes a few simple steps.

First, you need to read the article properly. Once reading carefully, you need to understand the main points and purposes. Further, you should define the main arguments and identify contradictions. Only with the main information analyzed and synthesized can you start the writing process. Your final paper must be a research piece. You use your critical thinking when completing a paper. All the information shared and analyzed must be taken from relevant and up-to-date sources. Once supporting your argumentation, feel free to use any requested supporting evidence. But do not forget to always back up your argumentation with proofs.

Active Reading and Notes Preparation

To prepare a decent article critique, you need to read an article a few times first. Active reading requires deep involvement in the core of an article. You should define its main points. Also, you need to understand them. Surely, it can take time, since various articles can be quite lengthy. Thus, start your work in advance. The simple reading is not enough. Active reading is aimed at researching the main concepts while reading. Be attentive and focused. You must observe the main points outlined by the author. Once researching an article, make sure to identify the main core elements:

  • the key research problem;
  • main research goals;
  • research methods;
  • top theory;
  • research partakers;
  • variables;
  • key results;
  • conclusions.

It is not enough to read an article once. You will need at least a few times to identify the requested elements. Take your time and stay attentive. Take notes while reading. The notes will help you with your paper writing further. Do not make short notes. Since article critique is a complex research piece, your notes must reveal some complex ideas.

Outline and Main Points Definition

The outline is the best chance to organize your paper’s parts. It also helps following the requested paper’s structure. Use your notes to create an outline. Further, use the outline as your writing plan. The first step of analysis will include the definition of the main points. Your article critique is real analysis, never just a simple summary. Avoid summarizing the main points form the article. Simple define them and explain them at once. You can use a discussion to reveal the weak points of the author’s arguments.

When defining the main theory/hypothesis, you may need some additional information to get to the point. Thus, check other familiar analyses to complete your paper properly. Within your article examination, you also need to identify the author’s research goals and methods. The easiest way to analyze the paper is to compare the introduction and conclusions. Still, the article critique must be more complex work. You can check the stylistic elements and other details if they are important for your research paper.

Definition of Contradictions

Once checking the analyzed piece, be ready to define contradictions. Your research must be comprehensive. Thus, you will get a chance to define the main arguments and facts and check their evidence. If they are not backed by the proper evidence, they can easily fall as false statements. Still, once you reveal the authors’ statement as false, you need to argue your point of view. Thus, you always need to provide evidence.

The article critique is a research piece. It means your argumentation is built on analysis, research methods, and evidence. A simple suggestion is not enough to use in your written piece. Everything must be proved by facts. Always make sure to check the sources of the information the author shares in his article. Surely, it takes time. But this is the only way to check everything properly.

Writing of an Article Critique

With all the main points outlined and contradictions identified, you can start writing your article critique. You can use your notes again. Also, use the outline you have created previously. Once writing down your assumptions, back up them with proper and relevant evidence. Make your paper a formal research piece. The logical progression of your paper is important. Once you have everything ready, start with an engaging introduction. Share the main topic. You need to provide all the author information.

The thesis statement, if available, must be included in an introduction as well. The main points of critique also require to be written in an introduction. The main body paragraphs will hold the entire argumentation with supporting evidence. The number of paragraphs used in your paper is not defined. But surely, five standard paragraphs are not enough. Your research results need to be written in the main part. The conclusions need to summarize your critique and suggestions. Also, you can add some recommendations for further research works.

Proofreading of the Final Paper

With the entire paper completed, you must check it a few times. Be careful when editing and proofreading your paper. Check every part of the text, lexicon, grammar, and punctuation. Revising and proofreading a final piece is necessary. Once you have a flawless and original final piece, you can succeed with your writing project. A good article critique is always a well-written research paper. You can check various guidelines and online instructions to complete a proper paper. If you lack some knowledge or skills, you can always reach for professional online assistance. In such a case, you get a guaranteed interesting and informative article critique eventually. Feel free to use expert online assistance. You need to complete your picture-perfect paper on-time.