Complexity of the Explanatory Essay

How To Make Up An Explanatory Essay: Guide And Main Tips

The writing of an explanatory essay is complicated. Don’t worry! We will assist with how to overcome it.

The Notion of Explanatory Essay

An explanatory essay is a kind of paper in which the writer gives some standpoint on a particular issue, case, or situation. This view must possess some analysis and logic. They explain other people’s views or present opinions of a specific issue or situation. Learners examine details and actual situations and provide fair solutions based on facts and data. When you choose the topic, your task is to solve an issue from a particular angle. 

Your paper should reflect a neutral standpoint on the chosen topic and be confirmed by analysis, research, and logic. You need to provide strong arguments that will explain your results. Its key aim is to explain some things to the reader.

 An explanatory essay can use a variety of text structures to organize evidence. It can use:

  • A sequence, followed by a timeline or system, to provide the reader with a chronological event or a listing of actions in a plan,
  • Comparison and difference to determine the connections and distinctions between two or more personalities or things,
  • Description to provide the reader with a mental representation,
  • Example or design,

A sample of a causal relationship or connection between an issue or idea and the issues or thought that arises. 

The explanatory paper can include several text structures. For instance, a single clause may apply the structure of the text to describe the data, and the next clause may use the structure of the text to compare the evidence. The final part of the explanatory paper is more than confirming the thesis. It should develop or reinforce the thesis and provide the reader with something to consider. The conclusion answers the reader’s question, “So what?”

Structure of the Explanatory Essay

The size of the explanatory essay varies on the length of the chosen issue and the data which you are going to provide. Usually, it is a page or two in length, or 5 paragraphs long. The order of composing an explanatory essay is usually reduced to three steps:

  • Introduction;
  • Main part;
  • Conclusion. 

Like any written task, an explanatory essay includes an opening part. A well-written introduction gets the reader intrigued and read the essay to the conclusion. It shows the subject of discussion to the reader and the explanatory thesis. The introductory part may include the formulation of the problem and its essence, a rhetorical question, a quote, etc. it is necessary to form a unique emotional mood and take the reader to the problem under consideration.

In the main part, you can provide various points of view on the problem under consideration, touch on the history of the issue. Usually, the main part consists of some sub-clauses, each of which consists of a thesis, justification, and sub-conclusion. Arguments are judgments made to convince the reader of the truth of a special point of view. These can be diverse situations from life, conclusions of scientists, evidence, etc.

The summing-up brings together all the conclusions drawn from each thesis presented in the main part. The reader should come to a logical conclusion based on the arguments given. In summing-up, the problem is reiterated, and the conclusion is drawn. If the goal of the introductory part is to interest the reader, then the purpose of the last sentences is to add integrity to the overall picture, to leave the work in the reader’s memory and prompt thought.

Hooks how to Attract Readers Attention

Explanatory essays usually start with a tool to grab the reader’s attentiveness:

  • A question or request for a statement to attract the reader,
  • A quotation that refers to the question,
  • The amazing fact of what is unusual or specific,
  • Statistics, or event that refers to the problem (number, percentage),
  • A joke that represents the theme.

The thesis on the explanatory paper should refer to the actual data that will be displayed in the text of the abstract. It should be definite and compact; it usually occurs after the opening section.

Explanatory Essay Writing Tips

All the rules for composing an explanatory essay are advisory. Take advantage of our tips on how to write an essay, taking into attention the data given above, and compose an essay that will not leave the reader uninterested. Here are the common essay writing tips:

  • Do proper research and data collection. Collect all the needed information from reliable sources to defend your thoughts in an essay.
  • Choose the neutral topic, where you can show your abilities and knowledge.
  • Prepare your research by writing down notes about main facts or quotes.
  • Organize your paper into the appropriate structure: introduction, main part, and conclusion.
  • Do not use complicated and unclear words, especially if the meaning of the word is unfamiliar.
  • It is important to stick to the theme and the main idea, without deviating from it and not explaining unnecessary items.
  • After completing the essay, you should re-read it, making sure that the logic of the presentation is kept throughout the whole story.
  • Review material once again and check your essay on spelling and grammar mistakes.

Ask your friends, relatives, or teachers to read your paper and give some final adjustments.

Main Topics of Explanatory Essays

Usually, learners receive topics for essays in advance. If you have can choose the topic by yourself, remember that an explanatory paper should rely on facts. That’s why it is a good idea to pick up a neutral topic that you can explain thoroughly. Please, familiarize with some interesting topics for students:

  • Famous movies that highlight superheroes, include an extensive variety of interests and issues, including history, human relations, or social matters.
  • Friendship performs a significant part in individual growth.
  • Loyalty is a significant element of family culture.
  • The Internet is the most valuable discovery of all ages.
  • Adversity is what assists us defeat our weaknesses.
  • Residing in small townships can be very distinctive from inhabiting in big cities.

The more problematic the issue, the more points of view you’ll explore in your essay, making it more complicated. Here are a couple of explanatory essay topics that will expand your horizons:

  • How can corporations influence the climate?
  • How do companies apply social media to sell their goods?
  • Religion and politics: Clarify the function of religion in the political field of a state.
  • How can the parents guard their child’s protection online without violating their freedom to isolation?
  • How can contemporary technologies help learners and their studying process?
  • Stress control in a school/college atmosphere.
  • How to consume healthful food in a school/college without resorting to wasting a large sum of cash?

Explanatory Essay Examples

If you have already familiarized yourself with the content of our paper and now you have a good idea of ​​the structure and rules for writing, are familiar with the methodology and imagine what mistakes may occur, then now, to write a good an essay on your chosen topic – you are missing the smallest thing: get acquainted with the examples. Examples alone will not replace your paper. And they should not be copied and displayed as your own. Examples are given here for others and another reason – to improve the understanding of the rules outlined earlier, comparing them with the practical material given here.

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