Costco Essay Specifics and Similar Paper Writing

A Phenomenon Called Costco Essay and How to Create One

The times when graduation is knocking on the door makes a huge number of students feel anxiety, which has the ability to increase by the second and provoke other difficulties. At this stage, the most important aspect is admission to another educational institution, an essential factor of which is the performance of the primary academic work in the form of writing a specific essay. 

Of course, in the case of the goal of entering universities that do not have a huge flow of people who want to take the place of students, the chances are quite high. However, institutions like Stanford are known to be very competitive.

There is not an ounce of doubt that the excellent results of the Scholastic Assessment/Aptitude Test (SAT Reasoning Test), together with the excellent Grade Point Average are wonderful bonuses for everyone who wants to enroll in uni.

Nevertheless, the above takes only half of the success, while the other 50% of the victory depends on the quality of the personal statement. One of the brightest varieties of the latter is Brittany Stinson’s or Costco essay, magnificent work on which plays the role of a guarantee of admission to such famous educational institutions as Princeton, Harvard, Yale, Columbia, and many others.

A Few Introductory Materials Regarding The Writing Process

First of all, a small piece of information about the history of the creation of this paper should be provided, the first paragraph of which is an essay describing Costco shops, authored by the previously mentioned student Brittany Stinson. In fact, the college essay played the role of a response to the application prompt.

The choice of dedicated stores is associated with the task that the school student faced and was the need to transfer a certain experience that played a role in life to paper. The result of the work was to link a wide variety of findings from Brittany’s childhood and adolescence to her personality traits, which in the end was permeated with the impact of these on excellent academic achievements.

The finished project has caused overwhelming success, attracting the attention of many top-ranked universities in the country. Even Ivy League institutions, which are inaccessible to most of the students, were ready to welcome the girl with open arms.

After familiarizing yourself with the prerequisites for the birth of Costco essay, it is time to understand the key aspects of writing this paper. Nevertheless, first of all, you should pay attention to such elements as:

  • topic;
  • underlying theme;
  • quality;
  • tone.

You can get a more detailed analysis of each of them with interwoven tips for creating wonderful paper in the following paragraphs.

A Drop of Information About Aspects Highlighted Above

Of course, the core of Stinson’s essay, like many other papers, is the theme. Yes, this statement is not surprising. Nevertheless, a huge amount of interesting details can be hidden inside the highlighted component. At the same time, you should not forget that the key goal of any document is to reveal your identity from different angles. To some extent, it looks like a spider web.

In order to prepare in advance, you can read several ready-made texts that describe one-character trait. However, today papers with a line-by-line emphasis on ambition and great intellectual ability have long ceased to be interesting. Even if not, it can be risky due to a large number of such competitors.

To create a vibrant essay, it is necessary to contribute little bits of biscuit, falling into a mighty maelstrom of ideas that is perfect for creative people like Brittany Stinson. The latter focused on the personal experience with Costco shops, which brought her extraordinary success, instantly raising the girl to the top position in the ranking.

In addition to all of the above, it is very important to take into account the fact that the author of the paper described not only the features of working with stores. Nevertheless, it is an important part of the workflow as a result of which the girl was able to demonstrate that she had excellent research skills along with a desire to develop.

Others Components of Excellent Costco Essay

Also, among the unique features that were used in this text, it is worth noting the abundance of peculiar phrases or expressions that replaced the usual and even somewhat boring formulations. All this results in a distinctive and rather complex manner of expressing one’s own thoughts, which instantly creates harmony with any reader and as if transfers him to the described events. Remember that the latter occupies a key position in the context of writing any papers and, in some situations, even those that do not have an academic color.

Also, in exploring the significant aspects of Brittany Stinson’s, the essay should emphasize tone. Actually, that is a brilliant idea – seriousness and funniness in one package. In the paper, a child’s thirst for a continuous stream of knowledge is closely intertwined, along with specific and more decisive directions in the field of their interests.

The last aspect of the Costco essay is revealed in the course of the story, while comparisons with a naughty little girl are the first to meet the reader and undoubtedly put a smile. This alliance was among the details that helped the work to acquire an unsurpassed quality and contributed to the fact that many top educational institutions became interested in such a student as Brittany and invited her to study.

Formulate Your Own Paper

Of course, after getting acquainted with the highlighted work and all its features, the dream of everyone who wants to enter a worthy university becomes to master all the secrets of writing such papers. Nevertheless, it is understandable that you have to forget about Costco stores and to follow the well-trodden path. But you shouldn’t be discouraged as creating your own style is a much more interesting scenario.

In this situation, originality and the ability to correctly and effectively present the necessary information come to the fore. It plays such an important function because of the huge number of other students and similar essays. Your personal statement should not be intermediate to evoke certain emotions in the person who will be checking it.

The best friend will be a personal experience, which will later be transformed into the excellent paper by presenting it in different positions. For instance, you were obsessed with Naruto and could spend hours watching this cult work? Wonderful! You can turn that into the poignancy and core of your paper.

Describe that you do not give up and continue to go towards dream while training both physically and mentally, as the main character. At the same time, this phenomenon can be associated with traditional Japanese culture, which had a huge impact on the underlined anime.

Refuse the urge to overdo it. A very large number of students believe that the introduction of a million positive character traits is the key to success. However, this is not the case. To understand the veracity of the previous statement, you can read the Costco essay and trace the relationship between the academic field and personal experience. Don’t forget that the ultimate goal of this whole process is going to university.

A Piece of Useful Recommendations

Certainly, the main quality that can help both in writing an academic paper and in performing any other assignment is confidence. The essay that created Brittany Stinson is literally imbued with such qualities as determination, which is evident from the phrases describing the ability to achieve goals that accompany her from an early age. For this reason, you should try to translate all your best abilities into paper and present them in the best possible angle. 

And for a snack, we left the verification process, which is also a very important element of creating a kind of Costco essay. Sometimes, in a burst of creative ideas, a person can forget about the need for proofreading, thinking that everything is already perfect. Yes, in some situations, the latter can be confirmed, but it is better to be 100% sure. Agree that it will be a shame if the impressions of reading your interesting paper are ruined by a lot of ridiculous mistakes.  

To accomplish the above, you can start by self-reviewing the finished essay, or asking family and friends to help with this. At the same time, there are special services specializing in this. However, remember that many of them provide poor quality work or even turn out to be scammers.

For this reason, we strongly recommend that you contact us in advance and familiarize with all important information and guarantees on the official website. Many years of quality work and grateful customers play the role of key proofs that we are one of the best representatives of the writing industry, whose services include editing.

Costco Essay As A Critical Element Of University Admission

Of course, reading this type of paper plays a very important role for every applicant, being an example of a thorough combination of all kinds of aspects that are necessary for a successful and effective presentation of a person. 

At the same time, do not surround yourself with too large a pile of such papers, as this can contribute to a situation where your own ideas will be suppressed by someone else’s uniqueness, quality, and creativity, making you feel powerless and empty inside.

In addition to the above, the abundance of reading essays can cause the development of paranoid behavior when a person compares his own ideas with others. In other words, he thinks that everything that he created already existed for a long time.

So, you should not exaggerate too much with the process of familiarizing with other works, but at the same time, try to catch every feature of your Costco essay. We also invite you to read an example of such work that we have created especially for you.

As a child, I was very vulnerable and paid attention to any exclamation in my direction and then immediately ran to sob. Even a small setback played the role of a global catastrophe. However, at some point, I was introduced to a legendary anime called ‘Naruto.’ This became my salvation, and as a result, even too distant dreams were turned into goals. I decided to follow the lead character’s example and never give up. All troubles have become a valuable experience that is necessary on the way to the implementation of the tasks. After that, for many years, the highest position in the rating system belongs to me. At the same time, I have quite developed creative abilities, the use of which can be found absolutely in any field. The latter is one of my most interesting features that can create a bright flash when combined with a technical mindset.

Final Words

Of course, from time to time, a person is confused before the task of writing such a document, the reasons for which can be different. However, our team understands the importance and seriousness of this task since it closely correlates with the future of a person. For this reason, we are ready to lend a helping hand by offering our services.

In addition to writing academic papers, the latter covers a wide range of options, saving everyone the trouble. We are waiting for you.