Professional Guide to Writing Case Analysis

Writing a Fantastic Case Analysis - Guide for Students

A huge proportion of academic assignments of students, especially those who wish to connect their lives with law or business, are aimed at studying a separate local case that occurred in a specific place, at a specific time and with clearly defined social and time boundaries. At the same time, the ‘case’ is investigated in its uniqueness, originality, irreproducibility in other conditions as an individual, self-valuable, integral phenomenon in the entire set of connections that form it. Particular attention is paid to the socio-cultural and economic conditions within the framework of which its formation and development became possible.

In fact, the value of the case analysis as scientific research lies in the possibility of using a set of methods for collecting primary information. It is no coincidence that specialists in the field of social sciences and humanities have established that reliability and the accuracy of this phenomenon results are in direct proportion to the use of a set of various methods for obtaining data.

In this article, we will tell you in detail about all the intricacies of creating this paper. However, you should not forget that there is a scenario in which you can relax and leave all the work to us by placing an order on the website.

A Variety of Angles of the Preparatory Process

First of all, your task is to familiarize with case analysis that can be provided by a professor or your supervisor. Another option might be to designate a specific work. In any case, at the preparatory stage, you need to make every effort to study the received materials.

Of course, you might think this point is too mundane. Nevertheless, a huge number of students spend an insufficient amount of time on its implementation or often leave it for later, which significantly impairs the creation process and, accordingly, the final result.

During incarnation of the above-emphasized step into reality, be as rigorous as possible, taking into account each detail. Read the resulting assignment several times, highlighting all the key aspects and turning them into notes that will definitely be useful during the workflow.

So, a complete picture that clearly depicts the case analysis is interconnected with excellent analysis and successful completion of the task. Even if you decide to ignore this recommendation and spend hours studying ready-made documents, it will be useless in the absence of the required amount of knowledge regarding your own task.

At the same time, conducting research is a key stage in the workflow, consisting of such activities as:

  • collection of materials related to quantity (for instance, 88% of employees supported the adoption of the proposed innovation);
  • developing tools for gathering data (online surveys or other forms are great options);
  • identifying and proposing ideas and solutions that bring the greatest benefit;
  • creating the outline of the problem;
  • study of the prerequisites for the appearance of the previous paragraph;
  • establishing the cause and effect of the occurrence of connections between certain elements;
  • formulation of all possible solutions to this problem along with the choice of the best;
  • creation of a report along with the further presentation.

The next step in the workflow is comparing the decisions you made with those offered by the committee, which reviewed your case analysis. If the results do not match, you should not be disheartened since the professors clearly have more experience in conducting such analyzes, while the main goal of doing this work is to acquire new skills and develop existing ones.

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What About Structure of This Document

Before you start writing the paper, it is necessary to conduct a thorough analysis of the available materials that relate to the selected topic in order to gain a broader understanding of the specifics of the business area being studied. After completing this process, you can proceed to familiarize with the format with further compilation.

This phenomenon plays a very important role in the process of completing the task. The latter applies not only to the student but also to the supervisor since an important aspect of the case analysis is the absence of the need to use a large number of external materials. At the same time, the student’s task is to make a qualitative analysis, which is the basis of work and eliminates the need to waste time looking for additional information.

Despite the fact that there are several frameworks of paper generally, it can consist of the following paragraphs:

  • introductory part;
  • background information;
  • assessment of case;
  • possible solutions and propositions;
  • final recommendations;
  • conclusion.

Introductory Paragraph

Here your task is to bring the reader up to speed and convince of the urgency of the problem that was identified. This is important because the person who will study the work must have a clear idea of the problem that needs to be solved. You can use quotes to implement this. Also, the goal can be achieved by clearly posting information about the identified problem. At the same time, a question may appear here. 

This part acts as a starting point allowing thoughts about the chosen topic to appear in the reader’s mind during familiarization with the rest of the sections.


While working on this paragraph of the case analysis, you need to tell the background of everything that was described in the previous one. In other words, the assignment is to highlight the prerequisites for the emergence of the selected problem. Among a huge variety of elements that you can use are the following:

  • video;
  • graphs;
  • photo;
  • audio files;
  • charts;
  • quotes;
  • facts;
  • percents;
  • and much more.


The core of this paragraph is the implemented solution, along with a detailed analysis of this aspect that plays the role of guiding readers through the material presented. Here you can express your own point of view.


In this section of the document, your task is to provide a strategy that can lead to a solution that was highlighted earlier.

Possible Topics Related to the Case Analysis

This type of paper covers a huge number of possible options due to the continuous flow of events in the world and, accordingly, the birth of new ideas for writing a document. Below we have suggested several of them that are similar and can serve as a starting point for the emergence of your own.

  • Innovative economy and problems of personnel training
  • Merchandising as a tool to improve the efficiency of the sales organization
  • Franchising as a form of small and medium business development in the catering market
  • Loss of competitiveness of McDonald’s Corporation
  • The influence of image on the competitiveness of a restaurant or notes of a novice restaurateur
  • Development of a business plan for opening an enterprise for the production of designer clothes
  • Marketing in an oil and gas company in the context of economic instability
  • Analysis of the logistics potential of the enterprise
  • Economic and Mathematical Model of Working Capital Management of Coal Companies
  • Development of an SMM strategy for promoting Starbucks Coffee Company
  • Alternative marketing as an effective technology for promoting a company in the restaurant business.

Case Analysis Example

Of course, after studying all the materials of the recommendations that were set out earlier, any student will want to read the created case analysis. We decided to offer you a particular way of writing this paper.

Recently, the Internet has become more and more influential, among other forms of advertising. Therefore, everyone tries not to delay the opening of the site. However, it’s worth noting that having a website doesn’t mean anything yet. It is important to promote it and make it as useful and attractive as possible. An equally important point is regular updates, display of all innovations and events.

In the conditions of the modern market and the ever-increasing role of the Internet as a source of not only information but also a means of buying and selling services and goods, no restaurant can work without electronic representation. That is why it’s important to consider in more detail the rules for creating your own website. The latter performs the following functions:

  • is a visiting card of a restaurant, a brand promotion tool, performs PR-functions;
  • is a tool for pre-ordering dishes and placing an application for celebrations;
  • is a marketing research tool;
  • is a means of interaction with clients (forum, feedback).

Based on these functions, you need to think over the site in such a way as to combine all these functions into a single whole, while not overloading it with information. The technical issues of creating the site should be dealt with by professionals, but the task of the owner and manager of the restaurant is to form the site’s filling and design ideas.

Therefore, for a better understanding of what needs to be taken into account for the site to be interesting, functional, and attractive, several recommendations can be formulated.

The informational part of the site. You cannot overload the pages with text information, graphics. Information should be presented in detail, but not to bore with its volume. It is very important to check all texts for spelling mistakes! Nothing spoils the experience as much as mistakes in words. The text should be artistic, unobtrusively, and competently presenting information to potential buyers.

Illustrations. Photos. It should be understood that the first thing a site visitor pays attention to is the photos. Then comes the price, then the booking decision. The main function of photography is to set the mood, show the zest, and not to squeeze all the interior items into one frame. The mistake of many restaurants is the unwillingness to hold photo sessions. Amateur photos of empty rooms, with a crooked perspective and blown-out details, will not make your restaurant more attractive. And high-quality images will be useful not only on the website but also in print ads and on television.

Site design. This is also one of the first things that catch the visitor’s eye and immediately create a certain mood. Using different templates, you can make the site look chic and respectable, immediately making it clear which category of guests the restaurant is designed for. Use sunny bright colors to highlight the youthfulness of the restaurant. Calm design in warm colors can give the website and restaurant a homely atmosphere. Therefore, it is important to think in advance what kind of mood you want to convey through the site design, what category of visitors to attract.

Creation of a multilingual website. Restaurant sites have a number of their own characteristics, and multilingualism is one of them. The site must be translated into at least one language – English (officially recognized as a second language in most countries of the world). The translation should be entrusted to professionals in order to avoid ugly, incorrectly constructed phrases.

Site interactivity. A list of frequently asked questions will give the site a positive image and motivate visitors to bookmark and return to the page later. The use of the ‘request for information’ or ‘ask a question’ form is successful. If a visitor has a question, he can send it through a similar form. But it is important to respond quickly to such messages; otherwise, a negative image and loss of customers arise.

Conducting contests on the site. Events like these tell visitors that these people are not only in business, but also enjoy their work. Another option is virtual tours. This is an opportunity to walk around the restaurant, see all the details and the smallest details.

Using these tools to communicate with customers, as well as positive reviews and discussions, encourage potential guests to choose a restaurant.

Concluding Words

Above, we have listed the main aspects that you should pay attention to while writing a case analysis. However, for the final, we decided to save the best recommendation, which is to contact our company for help. By doing this, you will receive excellent paper made in accordance with the terms and taking into account all the wishes and requirements. Make sure of this right now.