Cornell University Acceptance Rate as the Main Issue for the Applicants

How To Achieve Cornell University Acceptance Rate And Be Accepted Successfully?

Not everyone knows what the admission requirements at Cornell University are. Of course, there are lots of points which must be taken into consideration. A potential applicant has to focus on the ACT and SAT requirements, as well as on GPA ones. Also, you will need to build a strong application. How? You will be able to do it with the help of our review. 

What to start with?

So if you are ready to get in and want to take place at this educational establishment, you should have a look at Cornell University acceptance rate. It tells about the requirements of the school to potential students. You will see how competitive this institution is and how serious its requirements are. 

As for the rate of Cornell University, it is 10.9%. It means that every 11 of the one hundred students are accepted. 

In other words, the school you’ve chosen is rather selective. To have a wish isn’t enough to take place to study there. To get past the first round of the flirters, your SAT/Act and GPA scores have to meet the requirements of the school. If the situation is different from the one that is expected, you have no chances to be accepted. 

But let’s imagine that your scores are proper, and you have all chances to get in. So, to make the impression about you stronger, you have to write an essay with a volume of more than 250 words. Also, letters of recommendation must be attached. They can be written by your tutor, school teacher, or the employee, who gave you a job that concerns the field of your professional interest. 

GPA scores: what is required?

Lots of educational establishments determine the minimum GPA score. But we don’t recommend orienting on this level, because usually, it is the bare minimum. Of course, your application will be looked through at the university, but there aren’t so many chances that you will be accepted with the minimum scores. 

So to have an opportunity to be submitted, your GPA scores must be 4.07. Having such results, you may appear at the top of the class. To compete with the rest of the applicants, your estimations must always be A’s. 

In the case when your GPA scores are not as high as it is expected, you have a chance to compensate them with the help of ACT or SAT scores. In this way, you will be equal with the other students whose GPA estimations are higher than your ones. 

ACT and SAT required scores

Each institution determines its requirements for standardized testing. Lots of universities require applicants to provide evidence of their SAT and ACT. Sometimes it is also required to have the SAT subject test passed. 

For applying to Cornell, you must take both ACT and SAT scores. One more point which will help you in the acceptance process is a strong application. 


You may read that lots of schools have no accurate SAT scores. But in reality, when you apply your candidature, you understand that there is a hidden SAT score that is required. So applying to Cornell, you must remember that the average Cornell University acceptance rate is 1480. As for the SAT, it is 1600. These numbers tell that the competitiveness among the applicants is so strong. 

Score Choice Policy

Have you ever heard about the Score Choice policy? It is so important part of the testing process. Considering the Cornell University as the place for further studying, you have to know that this institution has the policy of ‘All Scores’. So, you are required to send all scores that you have taken to the university. 

Nuisance or not, but many institutions don’t take into account all the scores as equal ones. For example, if your scores of the test are 1300, and scores of the second test are 1500, they will not average the two tests. 

It is written on the official website of the Cornell University that students, who want to be submitted, need to send all scores from SAT tests. 


There are lots of cases when students worry about submitting so many scores. They think that the tutors of the university will look at how they tried to raise the score. 

It is said that there is a safe number to be submitted. Specialists, who work on this question, say that from 4 to 6 tests are a safe number. College members understand your position. They see that you tried as much as you can to achieve the best result. 

So, if the number is reasonable, people who decide to accept you or not will look at the score, but not at the number of times. Our tip is to do your best and to provide the highest scores from the 6 times that have passed the test. In other cases, there will be too many wonders why you have passed the test more than 6 times and hadn’t improved your skills. It will make the situation as worst as it can be because tutors will see that you can’t improve yourself. 

One more tip from us is to prepare for the SAT well and to retake it if the scores are low. For example, if you got 1540 scores, it’s better to prepare better and to try once again. There will be no wonders in the university, but you may have more chances to be accepted. 

ACT requirements

As you can see, speaking about the Cornell University acceptance rate, we can’t tell a hard cutoff for ACT scores. There is a piece of information that the average ACT score is 34. 

So there is no minimum requirement for ACT score. But the practice shows that if you have a 32 or even less, you have zero chances to be accepted. The only exception is that you will have something impressive in your application that will be able to change the minds of the tutors. The statistics prove that there are so many applicants whose scores are 34, and they are not submitted. It means that 32 score is a failure. 

ACT Sending policy

Applicants have a chance to choose whether they will be supported by ACT or SAT scores. Let’s look at the example when the ACT scores are chosen. 

In this case, the applicant has one but a huge advantage. Sending the ACT scores to Cornell University, you can control over which tests you are sending. It means that you can try even 100 times to pass and chose the best result and send them to the university. 

Choosing ACT scores, you have more opportunities to get the highest result and to have more chances to get in. Just improve your skills and knowledge, and pass ACT as many times as you want. When you pass the SAT, all scores will be sent to the university, and they will see how many times you have passed it. But using ACT results, you can choose the best ones and send only them. 


The term ‘superscore’ means that the university takes the best scores of the applicants from all the test results and combines then into the general score. There are lots of colleges and higher schools that don’t do it. 

As the results of the research show that Cornell University super scores the ACT. There are no pieces of information on the official website which can prove it, but there lots of features that point on it. We advise you to contact the manager who works with the applicants and to ask directly about the super score.  


Thinking about the Cornell University acceptance rate, you should take into account the super scoring. This process is powerful for the testing strategy. The university receives thousands of applications. And your task is to show the highest section scores across all ACT dates you pass.

As we mentioned before, applicants have lots of chances to retake the test and pass it more and more to get the required results. For example, if your estimation is at the 35 level, you can pass ACT again and again and finally get 35. 

The advantages of super score:

  • You can focus your energy in the only one section of the exam which is the weakest for you;
  • If you are weak in reading, you can do your best and prepare only to this part;
  • Later you can try the next section;
  • As a result, you can all chances to get the highest score.

Subject test

Sometimes colleges and universities require subject tests, and sometimes they don’t. Speaking about the general schools, we can say that they don’t require it. But selective universities and higher schools usually ask to pass. 

Looking at the official website of Cornell University, you can see that only some applicants require passing subject tests. As a rule, GPA and ACT/SAT play a bigger role. Subject Tests are not so important. If there is an opportunity to choose, it’s better to choose the GPA scores.


Summarizing all information, we can say that the Cornell University acceptance rate is rather high, and the educational establishment is competitive enough. For example, two years ago, more than 49 thousand applicants were applied. Only 10.9% were accepted. The number of accepted students is not so large. So, if you want to be among those successful people who get e-mails with the word ‘Accepted,’ improve your skills and get as highest results as you can. One more tip is to create a strong essay about yourself as well as an application.