The Detailed Summary Of Outstanding Work The Great Gatsby


The global writings are sufficient for bestsellers and famous books that attract lots of readers in every part of the Earth Additionally, Scott Fitzgerald is thought of as one of the most recognized and eminent authors that have brought lots of useful works to the sphere of literature. Having written lots of novels and various writing types, the author is famous for a great novel that has the name The Great Gatsby. Regardless, it was issued by the author many years ago in 1925; it is still popular and discussed by lots of people. The important fact is that the story wasn’t so famous and popular after the publishing and just after some time ago everything’s changed. 

Generally, the story is pretty interesting and makes the audience continue reading to be aware of the following events. The story describes events in the big city of New York that are used to be described in lots of papers. The chosen period of events is the Jazz Age that has its distinguishing features. There is a description of the life of the main character, whose name is Jay Gatsby. This man is a millionaire who got everything on his own. He once more feels deep affection for a lady that he was passionate about many years ago.

Overview of Absorbing Writing the Great Gatsby

The author of the tale that describes everything from the standpoint is Nick. He wanna pass to the huge city of New York with the main aim of forming an amazing career in the sphere of bonds. He supposes that this could make him rich. There is a reconstruction of various events in the form of flashbacks. These situations are not always placed one after another that is in a chronological way.

From 1922 the narrator changes his place of living and chooses one of the settlements. This place is located on Long Island. It is a unique gathering of various people who’ve started getting the feeling of being truly rich. On the other coast across the river, there is another village. It is more rich and famous. Here Nick’s relatives live. These are his cousins, whose name is Daisy, and her husband, Tom.

It is a dinner in the house of Nick’s cousin. There are various people there, for example, Baker, who is a well-known golf player. During the talk with him, Nick gets unpredictable news concerning the husband of Daisy. There is information that Tom has a girlfriend. Daisy talks with Nick sharing her secrets and confessing that she is miserable. Going back, Nick faces his neighbor Gatsby.

Sometime later, Nick meets with Tom’s girlfriend, whose name is Myrtle. This woman lives with an unenthusiastic husband. He sees her in the garage that is a place of work for George (husband of the mistress). The three direct to the place of Tom and Myrtle. This is followed by gathering other friends and a kind of party. Everyone’s drunk. Tom punches Myrtle in the nose. This happens after she starts bringing up his wife. This finishes with Nick, who is waking up in the train station the next morning.

Nick spends summer having fun at various parties in the popular bar of Gatsby. At one of such parties, Nick meets Jordan and spends almost all evening with her. There is a talk between Jordan and Gatsby. The lady returns, surprised. Still, Jordan doesn’t want to share the aspects of their conversation. 

Nick spends much time with Jordan together with Gatsby. The latter shares his life story during their drive to eat something in Manhattan. The aim of it is to dispel the rumors. The latter tells him from a rich family. After it, Nick meets with Meyer Wolfsheim, who is a business partner of Gatsby. 

Later Jordan talks with Nick when the truth about her talk with Gatsby becomes obvious. He was in love with Daisy- a cousin of Nick. The senses were the reason to buy a house on West Egg to be easily connected with her.

The protagonist begged the narrator to summon Daisy to their place so that they have a meeting. The lady was confused to see the person she hasn’t seen for 5 years. Nick departs from the meeting, so there is a chance for the couple to talk tet-a-tet. This time lets them discuss enough and changes the relationships.

Tom gets the information concerning the relationships between this spouse and Gatsby. So the man with a wife appears at the gathering where Gatsby shares his desire that she talks with the spouse and explains the data concerning the lady is sorrow together with him.

It is a high tea at the narrator’s cousin’s accommodation that gathers the main characters. Daisy takes care of the main character with pleasure that maddens Tom. People start their way to another location.

The sweet couple is in Tom’s vehicle; the rest of the friends are in the vehicle of Gatsby. On their way, the latter wanna gas a vehicle. There is a conversation between him and Wilson. The latter shares his plans to come somewhere with Myrtle. This makes Tom terrified.

The friends get to the gathering at the famous hotel. Tom decides to talk about everything connected to his wife with Gatsby. The lady attempts to simmer down these men. This doesn’t work as Gatsby informs that they both have been crazy about each other all their lives. This is followed by a fight when Tom reveals some data about the way of making a living by Gatsby. His money is received because of the trading of illegal spirits in the USA, while it is prohibited. Still, no one knows the truth, in fact. Leaving the party, Nick understands it is his birthday.

The pair of Gatsby and Daisy decide to leave the party. Unfortunately, they execute Myrtle running on the street. The woman goes further, regardless of feeling huge stress. On his way, Tom faces trouble on the highway. He is truly shocked facing the dead mistress in the carport. The owner of it reveals that a specific vehicle collided with the lady, and it is his automobile. Tom begged it wasn’t him. Nick gets the data concerning the actual events. The truth that Daisy hit Myrtle became obvious.

The following morning Nick gets his way to the house of Gatsby. During their conversation, Gatsby reveals all the true facts of his past. His family was poor farmers who were searching for a better way of living. He stumbled upon Daisy during his army years. Unfortunately, there was not enough money, so they didn’t have the odds of getting married. Then the man received the likelihood to earn money after the war dealing with illegal alcohol and selling it as it was already revealed.

George goes to another coast, where Tom explains everything. There is information about who’s killed his wife. According to his words, it was Gatsby to hit her. He goes directly to the house of Gatsby, where Wilson shoots him. This is followed by Wilson to kill himself. Nick helps with the funeral of Gatsby. There are only two people to come there. Everything ends with Nick, who proceeds forward in absolute depression. He feels the total disgust with life. 

The Brief Analysis of the Novel

At the very beginning, this novel was considered as pessimistic writing discussing the typical American Dream that is common in many writings. The main character burnt with the desire to earn lots of money despite the poor beginning. Thanks to illegal business, his dreams came true, and he received lots of money. But nothing brings real happiness because his beloved woman was with another man. Even after their short relationships, he is killed.

The novel has a specific type of difference. These are so to say, materialistic values that present two coasts. The writing is full of symbols., such as “the idealistic future”. It is a specific run for a dream and desires the dreams to be reality.

The book describes 3 main aspects, such as class together with love and sorrow. The story shows that even money can’t make a person happy. It is because the man wants to be truly happy in the relationships. The main character could not afford a marriage with a girl he was in love with in the beginning. But even his wealth could not help. 

There was still tension between two worlds and two classes. There are specific boundaries that have an influence on communication and relationships.

Many readers are interested in the meaning of the title. It is supposed to be kind of ironic. The main question is why Gatsby is really called a great one. He is thought to be so first of all due to the amount of the wealth of him. So he was a kind of celebrity that is widely familiar in the community. Still, all his fame got in an illegal way so he could be named a really great one. Still, he had a great heart. It was full of love and the desire to be happy. Additionally, he was generous enough.

The author shows that not all dreams could be bought. It is obvious that the dream should not depend on the past. Mind that necessary to concentrate on this moment.