The Complete Review Of Research Paper Writing With Topic Ideas

Research paper topics

A research paper is an integral constituent of the educational process at studying establishments. It aims to investigate an issue, estimate it, and create a contrary view. Research paper writing boosts argumentative and convincing practices.

Research Paper and Its Purpose

Frequently students get a choice of choosing a theme for an academic report. It happens due to the importance of increasing their writing skills regardless of the topic. Selecting a topic is also a part of the job for a student. The comprehensive source information does not always mean that the research paper will be excellent. The main task consists of crafting an original work, expressing a personal attitude, and organizing a discussable statement. 

Selecting a topic appears to be complicated for many students. Sometimes a theme sounds engaging, but the research process is troublesome. The most successful is the one that interests a writer personally. It makes the writing process and private view creation easier and smoother. When you determine the circle of your interest, discover various approaches to question solving, and make a thesis statement. That is the start point of your research paper.

Research papers refer to all disciplines. Learning how to do it correctly will significantly help you in the overall studying process and increase your achievement level.

Structuring a Research Paper

Stating the question is the first stage of research paper structuring. The entire assignment supposes answering it. Proper structuring is the key to success. The generally accepted research paper arrangement is the introductory part, approach, outcomes, and conclusion. Let’s observe the range of crucial elements that they include:


  • draw the scale of the problem and its importance;
  • state the gasps in the specific knowledge;
  • determine the object of the current academic research;


  • report the context of the problem;
  • represent the population of the issue (e.g., marketing — sellers and customers);
  • render the strategic roadmap;
  • explain the scientific involvement;
  • observe the variety of approaches;
  • describe the data collecting process;
  • Define the method of analysis.


  • analyze the gathered statistic data;
  • provide the information about the contributors;
  • settle the direct connection between the received knowledge and the main question;
  • determine the importance of the secondary findings (the analysis of subgroups, etc.)


  • emphasize the most meaningful results of the research;
  • compare them with the previous knowledge;
  • explain the scope and possible application of the received finding;
  • underline the value and borders of the study;
  • provide the perspectives of further research.

Answering these questions helps in crafting logically chained and scientifically based research upon any question. 

Useful Writing Recommendations

If the introduction part is understandable and similar to other assignments, the body chapters of a research paper have their distinguishing features. The approaches section should explain the methods of the research to the readers. Being maximally precise, specific, and concrete is the main requirement. Providing all tools of analysis such as strategies instruments is vital. Focus on the research methods that aim to reach the settled goal.

The foundation of the outcomes part is the provided facts. Result concentration in details is the object of interest. Avoid mentioning minor results in an attempt to underline how weighty the research work is. 

The conclusion part allows more freedom. However, it is not easy to write it. Quite often, this chapter becomes the weakest of the research. Follow the question-answers plan provided above strictly to make it meaningful. 

Any research works demand a reference list. Format the methods and other used instruments correctly according to standard requirements for academic writing. Avoid making common mistakes such as:

  • foggy question settlement;
  • tautology;
  • chaotic structuring;
  • exceeding the volume of the paper;
  • providing a too broad literature review in the introductory part;
  • a brief mentioning of the used methods;
  • random results choice;
  • a mess of references;
  • a distraction from the stated question;
  • limitless finding numeration without focusing on the aim of finding;
  • grammatical, punctuation, stylistic errors.

As you can see, writing a research paper is a standardized process. However, your work should not sound tedious in general.

Topic Ideas for Research Paperwork

Choosing a topic is a very responsible task that will determine your route. Approach this issue consciously, taking the one where you are a real pro. Use the following list of ideas divided according to the subjects.


  • psychological traumas in childhood and their impact in the adult age;
  • depression: a state of mood or a disease?
  • Nightmares and their causes;
  • advantages and disadvantages of unconscious learning;
  • the signs of indigo children;
  • domestic violence and its influence on the psychology state;
  • the connection of hurtful relationship and development of mental diseases;
  • psychosomatic disorders: causes and effects;
  • maniacal states schizophrenia: ways of treatment;
  • scientific signs of happiness.

School Life

  • the necessity of school uniforms;
  • religion subject: pros and cons;
  • can single-gender schools provide a fully-featured perception of the world?
  • The quality of food control at studying establishments;
  • which school subjects are applicable in life?
  • Implementing the life-meaningful sciences into the school program;
  • examination systems in the world;
  • does a many-scored rating system estimate adequately the level of knowledge?
  • Race conflicts at school: consequences, methods of the situation improving;
  • sexual education at school: history review, development, and outcomes.


  • social networks and their impact on the emotional state;
  • the developmental path of modern communication devices;
  • modern drones and their evolution;
  • does the Internet contribute or limit communication in real life?
  • The impact of mobile phones on the working productiveness;
  • the issues of private space on the Internet;
  • the best children age for independent Internet surfing;
  • video surveillance system and the level of house protection against crimes;
  • the effectiveness of the current fire alarm system;
  • the profitability of the natural energy sources.

There are plenty of engaging topics that you could explore for a research paper. Take the one with which you are familiar.

Example of Research Paper

Here you can look through the short example of the research paper on the topic «Animal Health» of the Health science discipline.

The health of animals is an emergent question that affects the overall conditions of their rising. This issue is broad that includes all aspects of the environment for animals, e.g., general well-being, fodder quality, and security regulated by the government. In this research, the theme is narrowed to health closely because animal diseases can damage human health in those who consume low-quality meat. 

Drugs and growth stimulation injections treatment is overwhelming nowadays. While some countries promote it, other ones prohibit it. This research paper aims to investigate the positive and negative effects of drug usage for food animals (poultry, pigs, beef, meat, and milk-producing goats).

Focusing on money, many farmers hurry up to increase their profits, implementing medicine into agriculture activities. These procedures increase the volume of milk and eggs producing and the speed of animal growth. Among ethical issues, the risk that the drugs affect animal health throughout the food chain is high. 

Some veterinarians prove the safety and effectiveness of this method, promoting the procedures. The laws that reject using drugs on animals claim that they cause drug resistance in animals and humans equally. According to data from the World Organization for Animal Health, drug resistance and animal treatment are not related processes. They say that refusing treatment may harm the normal health state of animals. Also, rejecting antibiotics usage will fail the economic profits earned from meat, milk, and egg production.

This research has investigated the influence of drugs in the countries which rejected them. Basing on the interviews, questionnaires data, and medical tests, the researcher has decided to compare the quality of food products of the animal products in the countries that used drugs and which didn’t. Twenty farmers from opposite sides have participated in the projects. 

The test results have shown that using drugs for animals is more beneficial due to the protein costs. The health of animals remains in the norm. However, the test results for animals that received treatment represented raised drug resistance levels.

This brief example observes the general situation, settles the main question, specifies the informational sources, and provides the experiment results. These are the typical features of a research paper. 

Summing Up

Writing a research paper can be hard work if you chose the wrong topic. But it can be fun if you choose the one that interests you indeed. If you are confused about the topic range, select several ones. Look through the material that you can use for in-depth investigation. While choosing, think of the main question. Although there can be a lot of information on the matter, it is easy to get lost. Make sure that each mentioned fact relates to the thesis stated at the beginning.

Use only credible sources. The requirements may differ at different studying establishments. High-school students can take simple topics and write a research paper basing on 6-7 sources found on the Internet. The requirements for college students suppose a more meticulous work with specialized literature. Subsequently, the volume of work and its complexity will distinguish as well. 

Do your best to provide scientific information in human language. The text overburdened with facts is hard to accept and understand, which leads to losing the interest of people. Use the words/pages amount wisely, fulfilling it with meaningful information only. Use the sources adequately to the complication of your work. 

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