Find a Suitable Problem Solution Speech Topic

70 Custom Problem Solution Speech Topics On Each Subject

If you need to give a problem solution speech, it requires a lot of work. You have to pick a subject, research it, and compare data. However, it all starts with choosing a topic. If you have a great topic, it is easier to work on the project. Nevertheless, picking the right topic is a hard task. Not only should you keep in mind your interests but also analyze the target audience and your average listener. 

We understand your problems and want to help you overcome them. In this article, you will find 70 inspiring problem solution topics examples. Also, we made a comprehensible guide to choosing a relevant topic. It will help you come up with the right topic without challenges. As a bonus, you will get a list of expert tips on how to get well-prepared and succeed in giving a speech. 

What Is the Peculiarity of the Problem Solution Speech?

As you can understand by name, this type of task should solve some problems. The fact is that you must find this problem, explain it, and show solutions. The concept of the assignment is quite simple because you know where the beginning of speech is and where the ending is. Only one problem will be present in your speech, and all arguments will be directed to its solution.

Problem solution speech resembles the argumentative one. Your task is to find ways to solve the problem and provide them in the form of arguments. Your speech should be logical and consistent so as not to confuse the audience.

In the introduction, you must provide a problem and explain its significance. The main part of your speech should be devoted to the publication of ideas and ways to solve the problem. In the final part, you should summarize the work on the problem and briefly refer to the solution.

Essentials of the Problem Solution Speech

Before you start researching the topic, you should understand what the critical elements of the problem solution speech are. Use them to come up with the speech structure and create an outline:

  1. Introduction. You have to show the problem and persuade the audience that this is important. Place the arguments to strengthen your opinion; 
  2. Reason. Explain what caused that issue and how it influences social life or science. Also, you can dispel myths or gossips on that topic;
  3. Thesis. Make a statement to show your attitude to the problem. It is a thesis that you will be strengthening during the speech;
  4. Solution ideas. Express your ideas on how to solve an issue in different ways. Explain the pros and cons of each method. Assume which way is the most suitable;
  5. Conclusion. At the end of the speech, you should summarize the ideas and reinforce the thesis statement. Explain the future of the subject if the problem is solved. Share your feelings and encourage the listener to help you solve the issue.

Comprehensible Guide to Picking a Suitable Topic

As we said, the thing you should start with is choosing a topic. Even experienced writers have problems with choosing the right topic. If you have no experience, your guide is to help you come up with a great topic.

  1. Write down your interests. Make a list of topics you are ready to research. You should devote yourself to the topic, so make sure it is interesting for you;
  2. Analyze the target audience. Write down the critical information about your average reader. The success of your speech directly depends on the audience’s reaction. Take your time to understand the pains of your target audience.
  3. Research the sources. Browse through the Internet and books to find some strong evidence. Make sure there are enough credible sources so that you do not take a risk when mentioning useful data;
  4. Brainstorm the subject. Allocate a few minutes to come up with a couple of strong arguments. If you cannot focus on the topic and brainstorming does not yield anything engaging, look for another topic;
  5. Rehearse the performance. Try to perform with the topic, so that you understand whether it feels natural to you. Ask your friends to watch you giving a speech, then, let them evaluate your effort;
  6. Evaluate the topic. Make sure it sounds bright and is engaging. Your goal is to interest the audience with the topic. It has to be strong and accurate so that everybody listens to you.

The right topic just feels natural to you. Once you find it, you will stop looking for other variants.

70 Professional Problem Solution Topics For a Bright Speech

We understand you need some inspiration to come up with a suitable speech topic. Our experts have been working with problem solution topics for more than five years. That is why we asked them to compose a list of good topics examples. We divided them into seven most frequently used categories so that you will find the necessary one.

1. Economics and finances

  1. How to avoid a recession and economic crisis?
  2. Should children be taught financial literacy?
  3. How to make money work for you?
  4. Why does saving prevent me from earning more?
  5. How to manage your family budget?
  6. Does the profession of an economist become irrelevant?
  7. How to reduce interest rates on loans?
  8. How does the unemployment rate affect the country’s economy?
  9. How to increase average wages?
  10. What professions stimulate economic growth?

2. Education

  1. Why are school lessons not interesting for children?
  2. How to increase students’ knowledge?
  3. How to distribute the budget allocated for education?
  4. What should control methods be used for exams?
  5. How to improve the results of state exams?
  6. What hinders the assimilation of educational material?
  7. Why is the curriculum not optimized for children?
  8. How to assess the level of knowledge of teachers?
  9. What tests should be created for teachers?
  10. What lessons should be added to the school curriculum?

3. Health Care

  1. How to optimize the health system?
  2. Why do many families not go to doctors?
  3. How is the high price of health insurance justified?
  4. Why do we need a healthy lifestyle?
  5. How does fast food spoil our DNA?
  6. Why do children not care about their health?
  7. What habits strengthen our health?
  8. How to get rid of drug addiction?
  9. Why is it worth investing in healthcare?
  10. Why must you not self-medicate?

4. Social Life

  1. How to protect a child from bullying?
  2. Why are homeless animals abused?
  3. How to reduce crime?
  4. How to get rid of fear when meeting people?
  5. How to make contact with new neighbors?
  6. How to motivate people to be tolerant?
  7. How to protect yourself from public humiliation?
  8. How to establish oneself in a new environment?
  9. Why is it difficult for us to find true friends?
  10. How to encourage people to donate to charity?

5. Family and relationship

  1. How to reduce the number of divorces?
  2. How to prevent domestic violence?
  3. Why is it difficult for us to find the perfect partner?
  4. What prejudices prevent you from building a happy relationship?
  5. How to identify toxic relationships in the early stages?
  6. Why do a lot of families break up after the birth of a baby?
  7. Why should you turn to a family psychologist?
  8. How to recover after breaking up?
  9. How to start trust each other again after a quarrel?
  10. Why do parents lose contact with their children?

6. Social Media

  1. How to protect yourself from blackmail in social networks?
  2. Why do we become addicted to social networks?
  3. Why do social networks lower our self-esteem?
  4. How should bullying on the net be punished?
  5. Why do we want to get more likes on Instagram?
  6. How to get rid of Internet addiction?
  7. Why are social networks harmful to mental health?
  8. How to teach a child to use social networks?
  9. Why should we control the Internet activity of children?
  10. How to reduce the time spent on social networks?

7. Sports

  1. Why is sport essential for everyone?
  2. How to choose a suitable sport?
  3. How to find motivation for playing sports?
  4. How to avoid injury while jogging?
  5. Why do football players have such high salaries?
  6. What safety measures should be observed when playing sports?
  7. How to combine professional sports and study?
  8. How to recover from a complex injury?
  9. How to make sure that the athlete is not using steroids?
  10. How to choose a balanced diet?

Essential Tips for a Perfect Speech Performance

Although you can be more than satisfied with the topic and subject of the speech, it is not enough to give a bright performance. However, some tips are to help you improve the speech. A piece of advice is never superfluous, so we highly recommend you to learn these tips.

  • Follow the logical sequence in the speech. The speech has to be coherent so that each person can follow your thoughts. Ask somebody to read your text and evaluate its understandability;
  • Perform in front of your colleagues. Rehearse the speech and ask your friend for feedback. Keep in mind their comments to improve the text; 
  • Stay cold-blooded. Focus on the problem and solution, avoid getting emotional when talking. Stay calm and confident and do not freak out if you make a mistake;
  • Communicate with the audience. Use rhetorical questions and refer to other people’s opinions. Make your speech lively;
  • Stick to your plan. Write an outline with the appropriate speech structure and follow it. Make small notes and look at them in case you forget something.

Make Your Speech Unforgettable

Problem solution speech requires comprehensive preparation. You should create an outline, pick up a relevant topic, and rehearse it. Follow our step-by-step guide to find a suitable topic and improve your speech. Keep in mind we have other articles on how to write different types of essays or texts for speech. Stay self-confident, and you will get it done.

You may bump into some challenges when preparing a speech. If you get stuck in the middle of the task, contact our online writing service immediately. We will find an available expert with the relevant experience and provide them with the requirements. We guarantee fast delivery and free additional revisions. Do not miss the chance to order professional writing help at the best price!