Obesity Essay: New View for a Well-Known Issue

Obesity Essay ‒ Write with Ease About the Complicated Issues

The problem of overweight and obesity has become global these days. About 3 million people die annually in the world because of the diseases that are connected with this problem. The most disadvantaged countries are the United States and Mexico, where live about 70% of obese people. At first sight, a healthy diet and regular physical activity are key factors in the fight against the obesity epidemic. But a lot of people don’t follow these recommendations or don’t succeed with them. That’s why this topic is pretty popular today. And if you’re a student, you may be assigned a task: write an obesity essay.

Definition of Obesity Essay

So what is obesity essay? Its structure is exactly the same as that of other students’ works. You need to write an introduction, a body of the paper, and then draw conclusions. But what sets this text apart from others is the topic. Below we will offer you some interesting topics that will help you determine the best option.

Essay structure

As we have already mentioned, the structure of the obesity essay is no different from other similar papers. Therefore, if you need help writing text, you can simply order ready-made paper and indicate your topic. But it’s important to understand that the topic of obesity is very broad. You need to find a specific problem and focus on it. Then your essay will be logical, structured and understandable to the reader. After all, they do not read a medical guide, but the essay of a person who has one’s own opinion on the problem of obesity.


Starting to write an essay, you should know one trick: the first sentences should be interesting and catchy. This is how you can win readership without fail, how to convince them to continue reading your text.

A hook is usually used in the very first sentence. If you write about obesity, use some unusual fact, non-standard statistics. For example, you can write about how many American children are obese. Or determine the number of obese people in the top management of large companies.

After you get the reader’s attention, you need to give him some background information. Imagine that you wrote a successful hook and the reader opened Google to learn more about this problem. Most likely he or she will not return to reading. Therefore, you must continue in a no less exciting tone. Share only the information that is really needed to save time for your audience. Concluding the introduction, you can write a thesis statement on the basis of which your essay will be built.

Essay body

This is the largest and most important section of the paper, which consists of information confirming your thesis. These may be statistics, numbers, and facts that relate to the topic of your essay.

If your task is to analyze the causes and effects of obesity, you can write about different causes, show readers the problem from several angles. The same goes for the consequences. Think about what is most important to you: a health factor, a social factor, etc. You can write that obese people often get sick, that it is difficult for them to find a good job or life partner. There can be a lot of such causes and consequences, therefore write only about the most important for yourself, otherwise, your paper will be illogical and unstructured.

Remember that one paragraph should express only one thought. Start the paragraph with a thematic statement, then write your arguments, back them up with examples and draw a conclusion.


This is the part that should leave a pleasant aftertaste for the reader. You should not give new facts and statistics, just show the audience what conclusions you have reached. They can be completely unexpected: for example, you find that many people with obesity are very happy and do not consider this condition a problem. A spectacular ending for your essay will be a call to action.

Obesity Topics 

Choosing a topic for an obesity essay can be tricky. Your task is to approach this problem in a non-standard way. All modern media discuss obesity, so you just can’t write another text about it. It would be much better to show a narrower approach, to tell your audience something that they don’t know about.

Here are some examples of topics that you can use in preparation for writing an essay:

  • Obese parents raise obese children
  • Modern social programs that help people fight obesity
  • How can a school help obese children?
  • The impact of gadgets and technology on the physical condition of youth
  • What is the difference between obesity in America and obesity in Asia
  • Should young people be inspired by photos of thin and athletic models
  • The path of self-acceptance: the difficult steps that everyone must go through
  • How obesity affects academic performance and career progress
  • How to teach your child to eat right?
  • Why are proper nutrition and physical activity not a guarantee of good health?
  • Why do a lot of people appreciate an appearance so much?
  • How to love your reflection in the mirror
  • When does obesity become a problem?

Your subject may also depend on your university major. For example, if you study sociology, philology or other similar subjects, you can choose one of the topics above. If a chemist or biologist, you can focus on another approach. Write what factors in our body affect the development of obesity. Psychologists can write about self-esteem, about why people allow their bodies to change in this way. You see that this is indeed a very global problem that requires an integrated approach. Therefore, do not rush to write an essay as soon as you receive an order. Think about how you can make it unique, not like other papers. You can consult your professor. The most effective way to help you choose a good topic is to brainstorm. Find half an hour and put your smartphone as far away as possible so that notifications do not distract you. Now start thinking about obesity. Write out all the ideas that come to your mind. They can be good and bad. You can sort them when you already have a list ready. Make a review, check on which of the topics you can find enough information. Think also about the topic that is close to you. If you have a similar experience or your friends have encountered this problem, you can write a more sensual and convincing essay.

Tips to Write a Top-Notch Essay

Student assignments such as essays are needed in order to develop their writing skills, logical and analytical thinking. Some students have real difficulties with this. For example, you can be a good mathematician, but a mediocre writer. But this is not a reason to give up. Writing skills can be developed, and the solution is simple: write. Try to write small paragraphs every day and you will see that in a week this task will take you less effort and time. Here are a few more helpful tips to help you:

  • Read samples of obesity essays. So you get the necessary inspiration and can direct your thoughts. Just remember that you cannot use someone else’s essays, this is considered plagiarism. If you do not have ideas or time to write a good text, you can order ready-made paper, which will be 100% free from plagiarism.
  • Write some drafts. No one expects you to write an amazing legendary essay on your first try. You can write a few drafts, and then refine them to turn into one good text.
  • Do not be distracted. If you are writing an essay, do not use your smartphone. This is what can lead you astray. Focus on writing and this process will take you much less time.
  • Do your homework. Good quality is very important. Of course, you can write an essay based on your personal thoughts and thoughts. But it will sound much more convincing if you add statistics. Trust only trusted sources, do not copy the very first information that you find on the Internet.
  • Let your friends read your essay. When your paper is ready, ask your friends or family to read it. They will provide you with independent feedback, indicate points that you might have missed. After editing, you can send your obesity essay to the professor.

Each student may encounter a situation where writing an essay is not enough time or effort. In this case, you can simply order a paper written by a professional author. Indicate your topic, the recommendations of your professor and other details that will help make the text good. We will give you an amazing result in the shortest time possible.

Obesity Essay Sample

Below you will find a few suggestions that will help you understand the structure of the obesity essay. Use them for inspiration while writing paper.

The problem of obesity has become especially relevant in recent years. If you look at the statistics, you will find out that every fifth inhabitant of North America is overweight. In the UK and Germany, the statistics are fairly similar. And if a few years ago, obesity was common among adults, today it has become a health problem for our children. In Italy, 36% of children and adolescents are overweight, while in Greece their number reaches 31%.

But what was the root cause? It would seem that today there are a lot of healthy products, as well as opportunities for physical leisure. Children run a lot, play football and basketball. Perhaps the reason lies in the lifestyle that their parents lead?

In fact, there are several reasons for this proliferation of obesity. Here is some of them:

  • Reason A.
  • Reason B.
  • Reason C.

The world community already understands that obesity can be detrimental, especially for children. And here are some solutions that can help in this situation…

Using Mcessay tips and tricks, you will write an amazing essay that will make a huge impression on your audience!