Pieces Of Advice On How To Create An Essay Conclusion


Essays are a common type of writing that is asked to be prepared very often. Students ask questions like “how to write a successful essay” or “How to prepare a great essay conclusion.” The latter question is more common. As in fact, a little people pay much attention to the nice ending. Most of them do their best for a perfect beginning and the main body forgetting about the last part. Thus there is a need for some tips on how to write a cool essay conclusion. Get acquainted with this article to become aware of them. 

Various Ways to Finish an Essay

It is your decision on how to finish the essay. There are some ways of preparation of conclusions to pick from. It is important to take time and spend enough hours on every part of the writing. In such a way, the work will be evaluated in a great way. So don’t fail to create a good introduction and main body and ignore the end, as it is a common mistake of many students. The better the conclusion, the higher the final part and general impression about the essay. Make sure the conclusion is the cherry on a cake. There are three main methods of how to prepare a successful conclusion.

The First Method of How to Create a Great Conclusion

Once the essay is finished, ask yourself a question like “So what?”. It is a good idea to imagine a full answer to this question. Think of something that could make sense. Asking this question, you can go deeply into the thoughts and concepts and find the desired answers. After this, it is necessary to create a list of ideas. In such a way, the necessary points will be taken into account. So you won’t include all the details in the last part and will be able to concentrate only on worthy things. Additionally, thanks to a ready-written list, it will be possible to avoid some concepts that were not included in the essay before.

Find the topics that were discussed in the first paragraph. Pay attention that the same data is supposed to be mentioned in the final part. But don’t repeat yourself. Tell the same ideas in another way. Think over if the basic idea could be discussed from a different angle. The moment everything is done, get down to the writing of a successful conclusion. 

The Second Method of How to Create a Great Conclusion

Start the creation of the final part directly with the writing of it. Begin everything with a small transition. It is a way to prepare the reader for the final part—end phrase by phrase, giving a hint that the conclusion is almost here. 

Make a short summary of the ideas. Mind each sentence in the first paragraph. Then rewrite it in a clever way avoiding repetitions. This could remind the audience of what was discussed at the very beginning. Don’t write in such a way as it was already done. Pay attention that these aspects were read, and the readers wouldn’t like to have the same sentences once again. Avoid mentioning each idea of the essay; mention only the main of them.

Be short and laconic. As a rule, there are no strict requirements concerning the volume of the last part. But still, its average size is about five-seven sentences. If it is much bigger, there is a chance the ideas are repeated too much. If it is much less, there is a chance you haven’t mentioned all the necessary details.  

If there are arguments together with the thesis in your work, include them. As they are one of the main constituents of writing, don’t forget about them. Find a way to reword the thesis and make it more interesting, attractive, and easily understood by all the readers. 

Sounds clever. Pick the necessary words; avoid unnecessary language. Don’t include slang, rare idioms to the essay. You are supposed to sound like a professional. Use only checked sources and believe in writing skills. End everything with a smart sentence. Let it be a cherry on the cake. Just ask yourself, “What is the main idea and concept of my paper?” and go on moving. 

Adding a bit of irony to the end if desired makes the conclusion even “tastier.” Emotions matter, don’t be too shy and calm in the paper. Don’t change the voice; if it is serious all over the document, don’t make yourself very funny and merry in conclusion. 

Don’t forget about the call for action. This is a great essay that makes the reader think, analyze, and compare. Sometimes the essay could be a way to change a reader, but don’t overdo it.

The Third Method of How to Create a Great Conclusion

Avoid simple retelling of the essay. It is a common problem for many people to repeat all the concepts word by word. This thing doesn’t let the audience conclude to get the research results if there are such. Get the reader to a new level with a logical conclusion without wishy-washy.

It is not recommended to use quotes or analysis. These are the main part constituents, so there is no need to use them in the end. The conclusion is the place where everything is summarized, both analyzed and begun. It is not the case of using new information. 

Avoid pompous language. The essay should be easily understood. It is not a scientific book with lots of terms and unclear things. The writing shouldn’t be boring. Use coherent phrases and make the audience interested.  

Don’t add new data to the conclusion. This thing can divert attention from the main concepts. Don’t make the ideas too complicated. Ease the things where it is possible and summarize the results. 

Don’t concentrate on unnecessary ideas of an essay. Let it focus on the main things. 

Typical Mistakes of Writing Essay Conclusion

Generally, there are no time limits while writing essays and their conclusion. This is the reason to work on it properly and create a real piece of art. Try to avoid common mistakes that could be faced during writing. Typical mistakes are the following:

  • Bad inattentive check;
  • Adding new information to the last part;
  • Repetitions of already told things;
  • Too long sentences;
  • Too many words and data;

One of the main mistakes of many people is a bad check. Don’t fail to check just the spelling. Pay attention to every detail of the essay, starting from grammar and ending with punctuation. Make sure there are no illogical phrases and unnecessary details. The following mistake is when a person tries to include some new data in the conclusion—the place for brand-new information in the document’s main body. There should be all logical analysis, reviews, etc. The conclusion is the place to summarize everything. Don’t confuse the audience with facts that are unfamiliar to them.  

Don’t rewrite the thesis and phrases from the beginning to your conclusion. The readers are not interested in the sentences that are already read. Always reword the phrases, but let the sense be the same all the time. Don’t put too much information in conclusion. Mention only key concepts without unnecessary things. 

Too long phrases are a false friend of many authors. The simpler the sentences, the more understood they are. Don’t overload the reader with too many words. Let the phrases be short and laconic. The good idea is to alternate long sentences with the short one. But still, avoid complex ones as it is possible. Don’t divert the attention of the audience with too difficult constructions. 

Check of Essay Conclusion

Well-done proofreading of the essay is a must. At the very beginning, the author’s main task is to provide arguments and share the opinion. This is the reason there could be some mistakes in grammar or language. That’s why it is necessary to check the paper carefully. Take enough time to do it. 

Make sure that all used facts are taken from trustworthy sources and the data is correct. Pay attention to the amount of information that is included. Ensure you answer the required questions and reach the target aim. Check whether the paper sounds natural. 

Add the examples to the arguments. This shows that there are not only your words but true facts or some cases. The instances could be taken not only from the scientific literature but also from fiction books as an example of a person’s behavior in this or that situation. Of course, it should be analyzed properly to show it is suitable for the necessary arguments.  

Be aware of the fact that the conclusion may have the same thesis as in the beginning but viewed from a different angle. This is made for the broader perception of the situation or the story. Get your paper perfectly-written without any mistakes and get cool results boosting academic accomplishment. 

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