Why Is It Important to Be a Good Essay Writer?

tips to become a better essay writer

If a student knows the fundamental elements of composing an essay, he/she can deal with ordinary types of essays. But let’s not forget that every type of essay has its own structure, writing requirements, and deadline. Here a student can face some difficulties. Especially when the topic of an essay is really complicated.

Do not forget that your grades depend on the level of your writing abilities. If you want to be a well-educated student and have good performance in your educational institution, you need to be a good essay writer.

That’s why below, we prepared useful tips on how to raise your level of essay writing skills.

Prepare an Outline

Before you begin composing an essay, it is necessary to understand what information you desire to include. The simplest method to make a briefer thesis and prepare a correct argument is to create a general outline. The general essay`s structure involves the next elements:

  • an introductory part that involves the thesis;
  • the body of the paper, which needs to involve separate paragraphs considering evidence that maintains the thesis;
  • a summing-up that unites all things together and connects it to your thesis.

When a student thinks about how much evidence needs to be involved in an essay, a proper solution is to involve at a minimum of three solid moments that directly maintain your thesis.

Have a Strong Comprehension of Style, Punctuation, and Grammar

Memorize: grammar rules, style, and punctuation rules are especially significant if you desire your essay to be comprehended and regarded seriously by your target audience. Before composing an essay, be certain you possess a strong comprehension of grammar basics. Basic grammar involves proper utilization of articles and pronouns and sentences of proper structures. Be certain you understand how to use punctuation correctly. 

Check twice if needed that you are attentive to your comma utilization and comprehend when a period is needed. Lastly, in writing your academic paper, your voice is significant. Attempt to utilize the active voice but not the passive whenever feasible (for instance, “this study discovered” instead of “it was discovered by this study”). This will help your essay tone to become stronger. Make sure your language is laconic. It is a bad idea to use transition words, especially if they possess no value to the sentence and useless wordiness that distract from an argument.

Utilize the Proper Vocabulary

Understanding how to utilize language is significant, particularly in the writing of your academic essay. During composing a paper assignment, memorize that there is a need to convince people who read your essay that you are a specialist who can develop a smart and strong argument. Utilizing big words simply to sound intelligent usually leads to the contrary result. 

In case you aren’t certain of the correct word`s meaning, you can utilize it improperly. Utilizing unclear language can likewise decrease the lucidity of your argument. You need to take this into consideration before you change an ideally fit word to another entirely different. Consequently, it is necessary to understand the meaning and expression of the words you are utilizing.

Comprehend an Argument and Investigate an Evidence

During the writing of your academic paper, there is a need to always possess a principal argument in one’s mind. As it can appear an interesting and tempting response on some footnotes of one`s theme, doing so can lead a paper to be less laconic. Remember to always question any evidence you add in an essay; put questions to yourself, “Does this directly maintain my thesis?” If the response is negative, then that evidence needs to be likely avoided. During evaluating evidence, stay critical and attentive. You desire to utilize the most persuasive research to support your thesis. All things you involve need to possess a legible connection to your theme and your argument.

Do Not Use Repetition

We agree that it can appear complicated when composing a several-page essay on one idea or personage; still, shunning repetition is necessary to make your writing skills better. When you utilize the same words and phrases, it can lead to nausea. Moreover, your target audience will accept it as a manifestation of laziness. Below are several tips that will assist in excluding wordiness and eliminating repetitive phrases and words:

  • The easiest way to increase writing abilities is to exclude repetitive words from an essay.
  • In case there is a need for you to save the idea, substitute the word or phrase with a similar word or phrase. This can involve replacing a pronoun for a proper noun, for instance, “she” instead of “Melanie,”; or it can involve seeking an alternative. Utilize a thesaurus just to bring to mind words you already know but have temporally disremembered. Don’t choose unknown words that only sound great; this risky way often drives to the utilization of words with various meanings, which finally can harm your essay more than the initial repetition.
  • Last but not least, tips for making your writing skills better are more complicated, still often the most useful. Start by crossing out the abusive repetition. Then, circle keywords in the sentence (do not include such words as “a”, “of”, “while”, “it,” etc.). Next, create a new sentence that preserves the circled words but rejects the repeated words. This can make you include more ideas to finish your thought. Still, many students have noticed that expanding on a new sentence in such a manner will improve their essays.

Do Not Include Banal Phrases

To make your writing skills better, make yourself remove idioms and clichés in your essay. Your target audience needs unique thoughts, not already expressed ideas. Note that this indicates you need to substitute those ordinary words with your own clever words. Decrease, maybe even to zero, the number of similes and metaphors, especially if they are general ones.

Prepare a Strong Summing-Up

What do you think is the most disregarded section of essay writing? The answer is the summing-up. Your summing-up is what unites the whole research in conjunction with confirming your thesis. There is no need to make it a restatement of an introductory part or simply copy-and-paste a thesis. 

A correct summing-up promptly describes the main evidence considered in the main part of a paper and binds it to the thesis to determine a way proof confirms or refutes the principal argument of a student’s research. There have been innumerable excellent essays composed, at first sight, just to be disappointed by weakly formulated summing-up in the end. Don’t make your future essay one of such papers.

Ask for an Opinion from your Educator

The majority of students think that their educators are strict and just want to put low grades for essays. In reality, it is not true. Educators are ready to help you with your essays. Do not be afraid to ask for advice. They can view a draft of your essay and tell what should be added or what things should be avoided. By asking for help you can show your educator that you make all efforts to prepare an excellent essay. Who knows, maybe an educator can even add some scores to an essay for your endeavors.

Of course, it will not improve your writing skills immediately. This tip is suitable for students who come to a dead end with their essay writing. By some time, you will understand what things you need to pay additional attention to and what things do not necessitate your attention at all.

Rely on Writing Specialists

Nevertheless, people are different. If one educator is ready to help you with essay writing, another educator can have no free time to assist you.

But do not start to worry. Your educator is not the only person who is able to assist with your essay. We are speaking about online paper writing companies. With the help of the development of technologies, a student can get a properly written essay without leaving home. All you need to have is an Internet connection and a smartphone/laptop/tablet. 

Many reliable companies are ready to help you with preparing an essay no matter the topic, subject, and deadline. They propose their services for a really affordable price. As the majority of clients are students, online paper companies form fair payment policies for customers. Many students agree that it is justly to pay a fair price for an excellent result. Many satisfied clients have already received high-quality essays without plagiarism and mistakes.

Consequently, in case of one reason or another, you can’t cope with your essay writing, and the deadline is near, placing an order in an online paper writing company is a proper solution.