What Are Essay Topics For Winning Content


It is not a big secret that students constantly have to craft essays on different topics and subjects. When you study at school, this doesn’t seem to be a big challenge, but things become different when attending a college or a high school. Teachers expect receiving excellent content from you, so you experience incredible pressure all the time. 

If you do not know how to choose the best idea from numerous essay topics, then keep reading and find out a few efficient tips as well as a list of great ideas for your future project.

Writing an essay can be quite dull and time-consuming, but choosing the best topic for it may be even more difficult. Nowadays, students can select the issue on their own, which means full freedom and creativity. More experienced creators understand what theme suits them more in some time.

In most cases, they choose the one that appeals to them the most. But novice authors may undergo real stress and waste a lot of time until they decide what to write about. It doesn’t matter what category you hit; these tips from professionals will help you choose the most suitable topic and come up with the content that will melt your teacher’s heart from the first line. 

Tips on Choosing Essay Topics

Actually, the most important thing for a successful project is a properly chosen topic. It acts as the backbone of the entire project. If it is good, you will enjoy the entire process of creating content from the very beginning to the very end. But if a chosen topic is weak, succeeding will be a real challenge for you. As the practice shows, the most suitable themes are those that you feel passionate about. If you are not interested in the project subject and do not care about it at all, real torture is waiting for you.

In contrast, writing a project on the topic that appeals to you will be light and creative. Also, you need to consider your target audience when deciding what idea to choose. If the potential readers have little expertise in a particular area, you need to avoid using specialized and technical themes. Finally, imagine that you hit a target audience and think about what you would like to read about. 

A Checklist for Selecting a Good Idea

You can use this checklist to make choosing the best idea as simple as possible. Consider all these points, and you won’t experience any stress while selecting a future topic for your essay:

  • Initiate brainstorming with the rest of the students to come up with numerous topics;
  • Take a piece of paper and write down the topic that you can think about;
  • Look through the created list and select a few themes that you would like to discuss;
  • Spend some time researching chosen topics to check whether you are coming with enough evidence;
  • Narrow down the list of essay topics and decide which one suits you best of all;
  • Decide whether you can finish the project in time;
  • Make sure that you understand the topic completely.

If you feel that the topic is interesting for you and you are motivated enough to write about it, you can use it to demonstrate your writing skills.

Essay Topics by Category

The variety of essay types is just impressive, and they influence the topic that you should choose for writing them. Look at main categories and a few suitable themes that you may pick up for your project

  1. Ideas for persuasive essays:
    1. Should teenage girls be allowed to decide on birth issues without parent’s control?
    2. Star Trek & Star Wars: the dissimilarities and likenesses 
    3. Does the government need to reform the laws for immigrants?
    4. Should kids take responsibility for committing crimes as the grown-ups do?
    5. Should youth be allowed to use gadgets at school?
  2. Ideas for argumentative essays:
    1. Do immigrants need more rights?
    2. In what way do TV shows influence the community?
    3. Do teenagers experience pressure because of the necessity to get an education?
    4. What impact the “fake articles and news” have on society’s life?
    5. Should the USA have English as a national language?
  3. Ideas for narrative essays:
    1. State why wearing a school uniform is necessary.
    2. An example of your morality challenge in life.
    3. Share the consequences of missing the college.
    4. Tell about the time of being hurt in the yard. What happened then?
    5. Ignoring the elections: what are causes and consequences?
  4. Ideas for cause and effect essays: 
    1. What are the reasons for Japanese technological improvements?
    2. What impact does vocation have on the state of family relationships? 
    3. How innovative technologies influence nature?
    4. How does a human’s curiosity affect the planet?
    5. What are the reasons for natural disasters?
  5. Ideas for compare and contrast essays:
    1. Remote or traditional education: what should a modern student choose?
    2. What social network provides more capabilities: Instagram or Facebook?
    3. Women & Men: what gender issues do they face?
    4. Music with free and limited access: should intellectual property be protected?
    5. Obesity & Anorexia: what issue has more dangerous consequences?

Essay Topics by Subject

During the term, a teacher may ask you to craft an essay on the topic that covers a few subtopics on a particular subject. These ideas will help you find the best idea for your project.

  1. Science and technology:
    1. Do computers have chances to replace humans completely?
    2. How can 3D models change the medical segment?
    3. Will providing homes with smart devices play into a person’s hands?
    4. How will a selfie camera with 360˚ impact the way of how people share their life moments?
    5. What capabilities are provided for disabled individuals by science? 
  2. Social media:
    1. Is the influence of social media on a person’s life negative?
    2. Should the government allow driving and texting?
    3. Is it right to judge people by their virtual accounts?
    4. Is online dating a good idea or just a scam?
    5. Should sources like Pinterest be allowed to use in the classrooms?
  3. High school life:
    1. What sports in the UK is better to join?
    2. Is learning foreign languages really so crucial for students of high schools?
    3. What are the advantages of participating in such organizations as BPA, FFA, etc.?
    4. What rules allow having successful dating?
    5. Is getting an education abroad expensive?

Essay Topics by Education Level

You can choose the topic in accordance with your academic level. In this case, you will sound natural, and your teacher will appreciate your attempts. So, here they are:

  1. Elementary and middle school:
    1. The comments on YouTube channels must be checked.
    2. Is it a talent to be a good politician?
    3. Is online communication significant for up-to-date education?
    4. The issue of the death sentence: must be it allowed everywhere?
    5. Is it possible to run out of technological improvements?
  2.        High school:
    1. What are the pros and cons of globalization?
    2. Can graffiti be recognized as art?
    3. Is remote learning effective for educating kids?
    4. The American educational system.
    5. Is the cost of high education in Australia too high?
  3.       College:
    1. Why are guitarists playing with the left hand considered more talented?
    2. Is entering college getting more difficult?
    3. The gender role is the question of military service.
    4. Do CEOs and project managers get too high a salary?
    5. What changes does the taxation system require?

Funny Essay Topics

By choosing some exciting and funny topics for your project, you can be sure that the readers will like it. Here is the list of the most popular ones:

  • A human has unlimited body capabilities.
  • The effects of the Chernobyl disaster.
  • Is adrenaline received while doing extreme sports worth the risks?
  • Can females be recognized as weak sex nowadays?
  • Why are foolish dog videos capturing the Internet space?

How to Get A+?

As you can see, choosing the best idea from numerous essay topics is not as easy as it may seem to be at first glance. You should consider a few essential details, such as target audience, level of evidence, etc. The overall success of the paper depends on the theme that you have chosen at the very beginning. 

But in case all these nuances are too difficult for you, and you do not feel like you are able to come up with a top-quality paper, then professional writing service may be an excellent option for you. Experienced professionals know the teachers’ modern requirements, what they expect to see in your paper, and how to achieve the best possible result.

You can get in touch with experts right now and save a lot of time and effort. All in all, everybody should do what he/she is good at, so entrust your essay to professionals and relax.