Importance of Appropriate Dissertation Topic

Ways Of Choosing A Dissertation Topic: Key Tips And Examples

The selected dissertation topic needs to be interesting to you. We prepare some exciting hints on how to choose an appropriate topic.

Selecting a Thesis Topic is the First Key to Success

Admission to postgraduate education is only the first step towards the title of Doctor of Science. Already in the first year, every graduate student faces the need to choose a topic for a thesis. To successfully defend yourself, you need to choose the topic of the dissertation, so this issue needs to be given close attention.
Choosing a topical dissertation issue is the first stage towards obtaining a candidate / doctoral degree. Practical experience in the chosen specialty will simplify the choice of a relevant topic and the search for the necessary solutions. The lack of a choice of a poorly studied topic is the lack of literary sources. Preference should be given to the directions developed in the department. Consultation with the supervisor will simplify the choice of the topic of the dissertation research.

How to Define Good Dissertation Topic

When you begin a Ph.D. or Master’s degree, you’re informed that you must make up a dissertation for the end of the course, which will require tons of study. A thesis is a significant paper that demands a lot of energy and should obtain scientific content to present data for future investigation. Determination of dissertation topics is greatly significant for the final writing because one has to present skillful learning of the subject.
The good thesis issue should be uncommon and interesting for the person composing it. It also needs to deal with the area of education you are operating on and has not yet been fully searched. Besides, it will be beneficial if it tends to cause a change. It asks questions, provides arguments, and has a strong thesis.

Requirements for Dissertation Topic

For the thesis to be of high quality, its topic must meet the following requirements:

  • Be relevant. It is important to determine what research has already been conducted on this topic and how you can expand or supplement it. Historiography and conclusions of predecessors will help you with this. Some of them need rethinking.
  • The novelty of the topic of the work is also not of last importance. It is necessary to highlight the issues that were not disclosed and justify the need to disclose them.
  • The future topic of the thesis should have scientific significance, for the confirmation of which it is necessary to formulate the goals and objectives of the research, and the topic of the work will reveal what the result of the work should be.
  • Separately, when choosing a topic, it is worth paying attention to its practical significance. It is important to indicate in advance for whom and for what this study will be useful and where its results can be applied.
  • Technical compliance with the structure of writing is an important requirement because the dissertation is a scientific work, and it must be carried out according to the appropriate structure, regardless of whether it is about the humanities or technical sciences.

How To Choose Dissertation Topic

Choosing a dissertation topic is an important step before starting research work. After all, the further writing of the dissertation will directly depend on how well the research direction was chosen. To minimize the risk of error, use simple tips:

  • Don’t choose a topic that has not been studied enough. This sounds appealing as it opens up avenues for personal exploration. But it limits the material available for study. When working with a little-studied topic, remember that there are not enough sources to study, and therefore, a fundamental study of the chosen direction becomes impossible. The topic will be new and promising for a candidate’s work, but extremely difficult to master in practice.
  • Ask for assistance from colleagues. Success in writing a Ph.D. dissertation directly depends on the participation of your educator. He will help set the right direction of study and assess the prospects of the topic.
  • Focus on the topics that are developed in the department. If the topic is close to ongoing dissertations, the chance of its success will be much higher.
  • Choose topics with highly focused research. It often happens that, having chosen a topic for dissertation work, there is not enough knowledge in one area to reveal it. Therefore, carefully study all the “ins and outs” topics so that the scientific work does not intersect with several scientific areas at once.

Additionally, please consider some advice about thesis topics:

  • It shouldn’t be very complex for you.
  • You should feel enthusiastic about the issue.
  • Look through samples of some works done by other scientists.
  • The information for your thesis should be comparatively simple to obtain.
  • You should be the first who starts to fulfill on this issue.
  • Study matters examined in up-to-date scientific discussions concerning your point of attention, and view what is applicable now.

Examples of Dissertation Topics

Usually, learners receive topics for dissertations in advance. If you have can choose the topic by yourself, remember that it should be unique. That’s why it is a good idea to pick up a neutral topic that you can explain thoroughly. The more questionable the topic, the more points of view you’ll explore in your dissertation, making it more complicated. Here are some dissertation topics that will expand your horizons in various disciplines:


  • Business Management Facing Discrimination Dangers;
  • The Contemporary Workplace and Stereotypical Gender Lines;
  • Unique HR Control Tactics for Employee Happiness and Execution;
  • Technology takes over management practices.


  • Online education vs. conventional in private for adult scholars: compare and contrast;
  • Negativity towards studying: how it affects students and their learning process;
  • Influence of coronavirus on education;
  • Innovative learning paradigm: everything there is to know.


  • The positive impact of unreasonable views on subconscious well-being;
  • Influence of coronavirus on the mental health of multiple generations;
  • Depression and its Danger Factors – How Can it Be Limited?
  • Teens Trauma and its Long-Lasting Results on People in Adulthood.


  • Adoption and its impact on child-parent connections;
  • The outcomes of COVID-19  on sociology;
  • Impact of the emo lifestyle on self-destruction rates in high school learners.


  • Hospitals: building healthy spaces for patients;
  • Build architectural beauty without absurd amounts of money;
  • Computer-Aided Designs: How Have they Helped Architects?
  • Sacred buildings in the British Empire.


  • Principal Procedures that Draw Foreign Investment;
  • Business Difficulties of International Companies;
  • Modern Business Leadership Standards.

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The right topic is not yet a guarantee of successful defense, but this is an important stage that determines the further stages of work. Therefore, take your time and effort to find and formulate a topic. Apply these hints and thoughts to form your unusual research matter, whether it is one of the study theses topics or science research topics. The material should be interesting for you and have scientific significance. It is also necessary to examine whether it is possible for you in terms of circumstances and determinations to explore it.

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