Online Universities in the USA: Up-to-Date Tendencies in Modern Educational Process

Benefit From The List Of Accredited Online Universities In The USA

Today we face a fast-moving world. It changes its pattern at immense speeds, and we have no choice but trying to keep up with the rhythm. The changes involve all areas of human activities. We can easily notice how technological development turns the situation around and leaves the vestiges from the past behind. The evolution could not but touch upon the system of education.

Schools and universities experience a new turn in their development. Obviously, it considers each aspect of the education process. Educational institutions are equipped with various state-of-the-art novelties. In the classrooms, there are digital devices to make the studying process more convenient and amusing for the trainees. There are as well innovative smart appliances implemented in schools to encourage its students to study with pleasure.

However, the idea of a quick and flexible learning process is here, and its manifestations are shown everywhere. We can see an enormous rise in freelance or remote activities for today’s students. The trend is appealing to busy people. They want to have freedom of action and run their lives by themselves. 

Therefore, the development of online universities seems like a great idea.

Pitfalls of Online Universities

Nevertheless, online education is beneficial in a lot of ways, there are still a few things to think over.

  • your own desire;
  • the disposal of free time dedicated to the education,i.e. time management;
  • own responsibility for the performance;
  • the accreditation of the online institution.

First and foremost, you have to take your position. Online education presupposes a flexible schedule that you designate for your own. Thus, it is you who is responsible for the studying process. Therefore, you need to count on your own. If you are ready to bear this responsibility and execute the assignments in a proper manner, we can move to the second aspect.

Second of all, you have to be sure the institution acts in compliance with generally accepted rules of the country. There are maybe cases when a diploma from an online university is not accepted at certain companies or workspaces. Therefore, you will fail to land a perspective and a demanding job. In the best of cases, you will be forced to take an additional course to prove your knowledge. However, it is a waste of time.

Consequently, you should pay attention to different aspects when choosing this path. For you to make the right choice we compiled a catalog of accredited universities in the USA.

Accredited Online USA Universities 

1. California Coast University, CCU

The institution has been offering its services for students all over the world since 1973. From that time, the educational process has only improved to provide its trainees with well-trained professors and a decent education in general. 

This university positions itself as a professional private school specializing in liberal arts. Criminal justice, Arts and Sciences, Education and Management, Behavioral Sciences and Administration are the programs you can expect from the university. 

CCU is known for its flexible schedule. Moreover, you can enter the university at any time of the year. There is no need to wait until the enrollment starts, as the institution has no real campus. The whole process of studying is based on an online platform with up-to-date information resources. Furthermore, the educational curriculum is individualized for each student, and you can complete your degree in no longer than 9 months. 

2. Grantham University 

The university was initially established as a school majoring in electronics and radio. However, the time has passed, and the institution enhanced its capacity. It grew to an online university enabling students across the country to obtain experience in a wider spectrum of subjects. 

Its objective was to encompass as many students as possible. Therefore, the need to move to online education was clear. 

The range of disciplines varies from Science and Nursing to Business and Liberal Arts. However, the institution is aimed at teaching, not regular students. Military personnel, veterans or busy businessman apply here to get the additional background. 

3. Western Governors University, WGU 

The university has been created to prove the inadequacy of the conventional approach to education in general. It is considered to be a newcomer in the field of online learning. It was established in the late 1990s with the purpose to develop an up-to-date educational platform for 21st-century students. 

It suggests 24/7 online education for the students engaged in other activities, i.e. jobs, families, hobbies, etc. WGU wants high education to be reachable for people, nevertheless their heavy schedule. 

There is also a case-by-case approach to each student. You don’t have to keep up with the training plan, as you are supposed to be in regular universities. You can undergo training at your own pace. 

Education, Business, Healthcare, and Nursing are the programs you can obtain a degree in. Moreover, a certificate will be nationally accredited. 

The university is an innovative one, so it will be a pleasure for you to study here. 

4. Columbia Southern University, CSU

The university was created to provide its students with top-notch online education. The aim of the institution is to prove the efficiency of the online learning process contrary to the generally accepted views. Therefore, if you are a busy worker or a family man, but have a thirst for knowledge, CSU is your perfect choice. 

You can get a degree in Business, Administration, Healthcare and many other programs available in the CSU. If you consider yourself as a non-traditional student and need to balance your career with education, this university is the best choice. 

5. Abraham Lincoln University, ALU

This university claims an interesting history of formation. It can be seen from the name of the institution that it was named after Abraham Lincoln by an attorney in Los Angeles. The founder wanted to develop an institution to represent Abraham Lincoln’s views on education. He managed to achieve all success in jurisprudence sticking merely to self-education. Thus, ALU strives to prove the high-quality knowledge can be obtained online. 

Business and Law programs are the major disciplines in the university. However, you can experience dealing with general studies as well. 

ALU works with its students to prepare them for a real working practice. Therefore, here you can find all degree levels accepted at any enterprise. 

6. American Public University System, APUS

The institution was founded in the early 1990s to help non-traditional students get proficiency in military sectors as well, as in national security. The APUS founder wanted to provide both flexible and decent education for military students lacking the free time to attend regular classes. 

The students are mainly adults who want to deepen their knowledge in Education, Healthcare, Business or Administration. It is another university giving an edge to members of the military community. Thus, if you are a representative of military resources, reserve or national guard, you are welcome to enter the APUS. It can guarantee you the desired degree in almost 200 academic programs. 

7. Rasmussen College Online, RCO

This educational institution functions with the purpose to educate future labor class. It was founded in 1990 in Minnesota and now it has brick-and-mortar campuses in a few other states of the country. In addition, it offers online education to those students who cannot attend regular classes. However, online education by no aspects concedes to the traditional education process on physical campuses. 

Business, Nursing, Education and Justice can be studied here online, as almost 30 academic programs are available for students of RCO. 

You do not have to be present at the lectures to pass your exams. It is possible to stick to a personal schedule to get a degree. You have nothing to lose with online learning, as the university offers interactive classes with innovative techniques so that the educational process is beneficial to all. 

8. American National University, ANU

For the last 60 years, ANU offered top-notch services for the students who wanted to become experts in cybersecurity, healthcare or information technology. Aimed at providing qualified education, the institution developed an online platform for the needs of trainees all over the world. 

You will definitely benefit from their programs, as there is a possibility to balance between studying and, for example, career. Moreover, you can get a diploma of equal value as those students who attend the lectures. 

Another advantage lies in the flexibility of the programs. You can easily adapt the training plan to your own needs. You can experience a great number of schedule modulations so that you are satisfied with it. Moreover, there is more than one campus, so you are not attached to a single building. 

Do You Need Online Education? 

A flexible schedule is not the only thing you have to consider before taking part in an online university program. There are various pitfalls previously discussed in the article. For some students, these cannot be tolerated at all. Therefore, you need to examine the issue properly and only then make your final decision not to mess it up.