Composing a 500-Word Essay: How to Start and End

A Detailed Guide: Writing A 500-Word Essay

An effective exercise that allows concentrating attention is to compose a 500-word essay. Students learn to express their thoughts exactly and precisely; to explain their point of view in 500 words. During your study in high school or the first years of college, this type of assignment will be a frequent one.

A student may have this task as a part of your routine in-class writing or it may be a part of your exams. Normally you have to be able to write such type of essay in as little as 45 minutes. That is why it is every student to be able to compose a 500-word essay.

 Though this assignment is not long, it still should have a compelling beginning, thesis statement and other necessary basic elements. In this way, a student’s skill to write precisely and expressively employing as few words as possible is evaluated.

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How One Should Correctly Format a 500-Word Essay

The length of a 500-word essay is, as you suggested correctly, 500 words, no more no less.

This assignment is normally written in 12pt font size and the style is Times New Roman. Such papers have a title page and are double-spaced.

Your instructor should inform you about the formatting you have to use writing the essay (APA etc.). All pages of the assignment should be numbered and the surname should be written near each number of the page. Anyway, the format is not the highest priority since these essays are usually written by hand during exams or class.

 All in all, the length of the essay doesn’t have to be more than a page and a half. This assignment aims at confirming that you can persuasively write your thesis statement in just 500 words without surpassing the limit.

Writing an Impressive Outline for Your Essay

The outline that you’ve written will help to write your academic essay quickly. It is a plan of the paper and in it, you should mention all the thoughts you want to explain.

Write your outline on a sheet of paper and it will help you to get ready for writing. The outline should consist of:


  • Appealing Sentence at the Beginning
  • Context Information
  • Powerful Thesis Statement


  • Topic Sentence
  • Persuasive Evidence


  • Summary
  • Rephrasing the Thesis
  • Concluding Thoughts

Before starting to write a conclusion, think about the value of your paper for the reader. Having an outline in front of you, you will be better organized and prepared to write the paper.

How You Can Write an Outstanding  500-Word Essay

When you chose a topic and wrote an outline, it’s high time to get down to writing the essay. Place your outline close at hand so you could peep there.


In the introduction, your aim is to awaken in the reader’s interest in the topic and to offer significant information on the topic. The introduction where you write a catchy sentence or two is only the beginning. You will have to keep the reader’s attention all the time. It’s better if you stick to an uplifting tone throughout your academic paper. To write the thesis is necessary, don’t forget to do it!

Body Paragraphs

In the body, your main ideas are presented in a particular order. Every paragraph includes a topic sentence, your reference to some source, your attitude which explains the topic sentence from your experience. The paragraphs of the body should be connected in a natural way and it is easily achieved with the help of a transitional sentence. In this case, the essay will be perceived as a whole piece of writing.


Very often conclusions are connected with the introduction by writing the thesis statement in other words. The last paragraph is very important as it summarizes the most significant points and gives the reader complete knowledge and understanding of the problem you write about.

Now, something else about the paper. Try to answer the question of why you have taken this topic? Is the problem you’ll write about significant and important? What new knowledge did you get researching the topic?

Your essay will be of better quality if before writing the essay you will write a draft. Proofread and edit the essay to get the highest grade!

You’ll read more details about it in the following section.

Writing Hints

To edit your essay is very important. It is a final touch that polishes your writing work, making it superb. So, take the process of proofreading and editing seriously and attentively.

You can use several tips that will make your editing process easier:

  • Edit after a few days.

If you forget about your essay for several days, you’ll later edit it easier. Mistakes will be more visible and you’ll correct them, making your essay a flawless piece of writing.

Don’t hesitate to ask your friend to analyze your paper.

If you can, ask your friends to read and correct your paper. They can give a piece of advice and significantly develop your writing.

  • Mind your grammar.

Your writing should be grammatically precise and correct. Any student can also use special websites such as Grammarly, to correct your grammar and spelling.

 Write your essay in a simple and understandable language.

If you think your writing is understandable it doesn’t mean it is for others. Pay attention to the length of sentences and transitions between paragraphs. There is Hemingway app online, which can help anyone to edit sentences.

  • Use references.

Using citations in your paper make sure to give references on the last page of your paper, that will give credibility to your work, make it more influential. A student should use one of the existing formats to make a reference list.

Examples of Essays

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 The science that analyzes the circulation of illnesses in people or animals is called epidemiology. It evaluates how and when the disease occurred. In the research, the epidemiologist determines the factors…

  • Quantitive Research

Empirical research of different phenomena is quantitative research with the use of collecting information through various techniques…

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