What Is The Definition Of The Topic Sentence?

what is a topic sentence

The topic sentence is such a sentence, introducing the paragraph through a single topic that might be the essay’s main focus. The organization of the essay should be imitated with the structure of the paragraph. Similarly to the thesis statement giving the main idea of the essay at the level of the paper, the topic sentence provides the reader with the main idea at the level of the paragraph. The topic is supported by the rest of the paragraph. 

Topic sentences must:

  • Have a narrow focus. 
  • Be more specific if compared to the thesis statement.
  • Appear in the initial sentence of the paragraph.
  • Introduce the paragraph’s topic.

How to Compose Topic Sentences?

Step 1. Compose a Thesis Statement

The initial step to developing the topic sentence is to ensure you have a solid thesis statement. The thesis is supposed to summarize the claim and target of the whole essay. 

Step 2. Make a Paper Outline and Craft Topic Sentences

The next thing you should do is to create the paper’s structure outline. Plan things you wish to say in every paragraph and the pieces of evidence you might utilize. 

Doing this, you might draft your topic sentence. It should summarize the main idea you wish to elaborate on in every paragraph. The topic sentences must be very specific and clearly related to the thesis statement. 

Step 3. Expand With the Pieces of Evidence

The paragraph’s rest must be smooth and logical. It should expand the main point with argumentation, examples, and pieces of evidence. If you do it, your paragraphs will be focused. Everything you are writing must be related to the main idea that is expressed in your topic sentence. For instance, you might mention statistics and specific research studies to back up your idea concerning your topic.

Step 4. Refine the Topic Sentences

Most topic sentences begin like simple statements. However, it is essential to revise them once you are writing and ensure they match every paragraph’s content. The proper topic sentence is rather specific to provide you with a clear meaning of the things you expect from the paragraph. However, still, it is rather general and not giving everything away at once. You might treat it as a signpost: it must tell your reader the direction your claim is going in. If you want to strengthen your writing and make sure the connections between the paragraphs are logical and clear, you might also utilize topic sentences to generate smooth transitions.

Topic Sentences in the Role of Transitions Between the Paragraphs

Composing every topic sentence, you should ask yourself: what is the relation of your point to the things you have written in the preceding paragraph? You might use transition words in the topic sentences to depict the connections between the main points. 

Emphasize and Expand

If your paragraph provides another example to state the same point or goes into much deeper detail, your topic sentence might utilize words that imply similarity or emphasis (like also, in fact, indeed).

Anticipate and Summarize

If your paragraph turns to various aspects of the same subject’s aspect, your topic sentence might shortly summarize your previous paragraph and forecast the new data appearing in this one. 

Compare and Contrast

If your paragraph introduces contrasting data or makes a comparison, your topic sentence might utilize words that emphasize conflict or difference (for instance, on the other hand, however, in contrast).

You might also complicate your claim or imply contrast by formulating your topic sentence like a question. 

Tips to Create an Ideal Topic Sentence

Use the following key tips to improve your topic’s effectiveness:

1.Give a Balance of Data

Your topic sentence must be rather specific to guide readers to the central paragraph’s idea, not disclosing too much material you want to cover. However, the vague topic sentence would not provide your readers with enough data to comprehend the idea you try to deliver. 

2. Add Relevant Data

The paragraph’s supporting sentences must further back up the idea revealed with the topic sentence. In case you introduce your main point with the topic sentence, the next sentences must give details that back up the main point. If you want to introduce a new point, utilize transition words to connect the new paragraph to your previous paragraph, avoiding jarring your reader with new data.

3. Make Sure It Is Interesting

The proper topic sentence is supposed to grab the attention of the reader and encourage them to keep on reading. Utilizing sensory or emotional details is a proper way to pick the potential reader’s interest and keep them engaged in the piece of writing.

4. Make it Efficient

A proper topic sentence will not meander around the point or ramble. The topic sentence must be efficient and brief. So get to the main idea clearly and fast, utilizing enough details for setting the readers up for the further part of the paragraph.

Add Your Point of View

If you are composing the academic paper, the topic sentence must include your idea and the subject matter point of view together with supporting facts. Therefore, you will have an idea to discuss in the following paragraphs.    

What Is the Target of the Topic Sentence?

The topic sentence’s target is to summarize and express the necessary point that the writer is supposed to prove in the following paragraph’s sentences. The paragraph’s topic sentence must simplify the understanding of the paragraph’s scope for the readers and digest the data they receive throughout the text. Speaking about fiction, the paragraph’s intro is supposed to establish the scenario or idea or continue the preceding paragraph. 

How to Begin a Topic Sentence?

  • Develop a solid thesis statement for your paper, for your ideas that you will discuss later on to be based on.
  • Jot down the ideas you brainstorm. They must identify the priority and be relevant to the thesis statement.
  • Arrange your thoughts in a logical way for you to be aware of the best way to add transitions.
  • Ensure your thoughts cover the main idea that you are planning to discuss.

Examples of the Topic Sentences

For instance, you might be composing a five-paragraph paper. The topic might be the impact of fasting on overall health. Check out the main examples of the topic sentences you might begin each of your main body paragraphs:

  1. Research has proved that fasting positively influences the organism of humans. 
  2. There is a big difference between fasting and dieting.
  3. The effects of fasting on the human body are impeccable and primarily positive. 

Each of the sentences mentioned above supports the overall idea that fasting is good for health. Every paragraph should expand on your topic sentence with relevant arguments, pieces of evidence, and details.

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