Argumentative Essay: Writing Recommendation, Sample, Topic Ideas

ideas for argumentative essay topics

An argumentative essay is a genre of academic writing that means investigating, collecting, generating the facts, evaluating evidence, and establishing a position concretely. It is often a culmination of a long project that involves extensive research of previously published source. Also, it can be an experimentative report where a student observes interviews, surveys, observations on the given topic.

Argumentative Essay Purpose

The main task is to understand the different opinions on the matter and choosing the position to support, basing on the facts fathered during the research process.  It happens when both sides are equally balanced. So it depends on the writer which side to support the most. The matter of interest is the point of view and way of thinking. 

Convincing a reader of the correctness of your position is the desired effect of the paperwork. It may seem like the purpose essay is similar to the persuasive one. But these two genres have the core difference. A persuasive essay’s content appeals to the emotions of a reader. While an argumentative essay bases facts and a logical approach. Arguments should interfere with the way of thinking and convince. Sometimes, an argumentative essay is called «the essay, where you argue.»

Structure of an Argumentative Essay

The structure of an argumentative essay is the following:

  1. Introductory part. Here an author should provide some context information, explain the importance of the question, mentioning why it should bother the listeners. These two points should be catchy to attract attention, the so-called hook. The introduction must represent a thesis statement narrowed to a particular subject. That is vital for the entire essay composition.
  2. Body chapters. Usually includes three significant arguments that support the stated point of view. The paragraphs should flow logically and smoothly from one to another. Otherwise, it affects readability. One chapter should include one idea. All body chapters must strictly relate to the thesis statement. Also, they should provide evidential information.
  3. Counterargument. A contradicting position to show the opposite opinion. Representing the opposite side of the question is an efficient tactic for observing the overall situation. It emphasizes the power of the thesis statement.
  4. The summarizing. Summing up the achieved results, confirming the thesis statement without restating it, representing the pure connection between it and provided evidence. A conclusion should not include any new facts.

An argumentative essay should look and sound complete and does not leave any questions. 

Writing Recommendations

A generally accepted method of argumentative essay writing is a five-paragraph approach. However, for more extensive research, it may include more body chapters. The background information, variety of sources, and many other specific features may determine the paper length.

Exclude expressing any emotions towards the problem, basing on facts and evidence only. Commenting a counterargument, avoid using negative lexicon such as «primitive,» «unprofessional,» «trivial,» etc., related to intellectual disability. To emphasize the power of your arguments, use reliable information only. Mentioning a counter argument before the position that you support is rare but may take place.

Use only credible sources for your evidence, do not try to falsify the facts. There is no problem checking this information nowadays while your reputation level will fail. Use the respectful sources that you agree with completely and cite them in your text.

Develop an opening line that will make you stand out from the crowd. That can be a shocking fact that triggers attention. Before representing your argumentative essay in public, rehearse it with your relatives or friends. If it sounds convincing enough for them, you will highly likely have success in your class. 

Topics for the Best Choice

There are plenty of topics based on contrary positions that can serve as a subject for an argumentative essay. These can be highly professional discussions such as the current organization of the State or minor ones, e.g., which world cuisine is better. Your best topic is the one you feel passionate about personally. This way will ease your writing process, making it a joy.

Argumentative Essays for Middle and High School

  • remote education VS in-person learning;
  • the assistance of IT-technologies in the studying process;
  • the effectiveness of testing;
  • tattooing before adulthood;
  • banning the rock music movement at schools due to violent texts;
  • payments from parents for high grades;
  • cartoons VS movies;
  • the role of teachers and parents in developing personality;
  • the benefit of chocolate for studying;
  • how can the taxes for sugar sales fight obesity?


  • prohibition of hunting;
  • petting reptilians: advantages and disadvantages;
  • how ethical are the tests on animals;
  • do the video with killing animals can stop wearing fur and eating meat?
  • Is vegetarianism a healthy movement or Krishnaism?
  • Does petting animals refuse diseases in humans?
  • Prohibition of circuses due to the unnatural environment for animals;
  • delphinium and oceanarium conditions for animals;
  • can petting treat loneliness?
  • The effectiveness of the animal hospitals.

Food and Cuisines

  • Chinese food and COVID-19 pandemic;
  • molecular cuisine: pros and cons;
  • how does fast food affect human health?
  • the safeness of organic food;
  • do diets lead to anorexia?
  • Can the proper nutrition habit treat obesity?
  • benefits of eating snake meat;
  • is eating raw meat healthy?
  • Spreading of horse meat eating beyond national cookery.

Choosing a catchy topic is the key to your success. Hopefully, you will find the writing process enjoyable for yourself too.

Example of an Argumentative Essay

Here is an example of an argumentative essay on the topic «Studying abroad.»

Students learn most of the things outside of the school doors. Books do not provide any practice in managing money, building relationships, and getting out of difficult life situations. Nowadays, this experience can extend globally. Many students get interested in studying abroad during the undergraduate program. Half of a year of learning outside of the country is an excellent opportunity to learn more in a shorter time frame.

According to the data of the Institute for the International Education of Students, international students have significantly higher chances of entering the graduate degree program. Over 85 percent of students with international practices have received an admission. 

Experience of learning in another country broadens minds. It fulfills the life of students with brilliant knowledge, demonstrating personal independence and perseverance. The candidate with these qualities doubtlessly has higher chances for a good job. IES data informs that over 95 percent of students with international studying experience have received a respectful vacancy in a year after graduation.

The broadened world perception helps to build healthy relationships in the workplace. According to statistical data, 30 percent of students who studied abroad receive higher wages during the first working year. That is clear evidence that foreign experience is beneficial in the overall development of personality.

However, many parents do not allow their children to go to another country due to excessive guardianship. Other parents claim that they can not afford international studying programs. In this situation, they have to estimate the costs spent for the local studying establishment, such as tutoring, accommodation, studying literature, expenses for transport, and meals. 

International studying programs make a positive impact on the future life and career, opening new perspectives. Perhaps, you should make an appointment with the study abroad consultant right today. It may be a challenging moment in the life of your child and family in general.

The example contains the crucial parts, such as introduction, body text, counterargument, and conclusion. Depending on the volume requirements, you can fulfill your monologue with more statistical data and evidence.

Summing Up

Your argumentative essay must have a clear position with further research. It must convince the readers of the correctness of your judgment based on evidence and analysis. Avoid listing the thoughts that the topic calls in you, developing a meaningful argument, and reason it.

Providing the sources data, do it effectively emphasizing the connection of the statistic with the judgment. In an argumentative essay, a person can not be a discussed object. Focus on the action and achievements result. Remain realistic without exaggerating and emotional appeal.

The choice of topic is an essential part of work. While selecting, ask yourself questions: 

  • Is this true? 
  • What is the cause of this occurrence? 
  • How meaningful is the discussed object for society? 
  • Which solution can you offer upon the question? 

These will help to refine the relevant theme that is worthy of attention and will attract the attention of the reader.

The entire argumentative essay should draw a big picture and provide the precise idea of solution implication. To empower the strength of your argument, you may present hypotheticals. Mention what will happen in case of ignoring the measurements. Finalize your text with a call-to-action appeal, inspiring the readers for better changes.

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